Corp subforums on the official forums


(Crimson Draufgange) #1

I’m not currently a CEO or director, so I’m not sure if this is already implemented or not. On the old forums, we could create a category for our corp in the official forums, that only members of the corp could see. I’m not sure if this is currently implemented, but if it isn’t, I think it would be a great addition.

With the new forums being a vast improvement from the old one, perhaps there could also be forum customization for corp forums. So a CEO could create a forum for their corp here on the official EVE forum, and they could add sub categories if they’d like.

Again, not sure if this is already implemented, but if it isn’t, I think it would make a great addition. Especially for smaller corps.

(Althalus Stenory) #2

iirc, it was stated in the devblog or somewhere in an announce that corp forum won’t be a thing with this forum

(Crimson Draufgange) #3

Maybe not enough people used it to justify making it for this one? Hmmm :frowning:

(Althalus Stenory) #4

Just in case:

What about Corporation Forums?
Unfortunately, with the introduction of the new forums, there will be no support for individual corporation forums restricted to members of a given corp.

Part of the reason for the long transition period of one month is to make sure that those few groups who do utilize the corporation forums feature can ensure that they migrate any information stored on them away from the official forums to a third party service.

(ISD Stall) #5

Corporation sub forums are not going to be a feature on these forums.

(CCP Falcon) #6

As has been pointed out already, this functionality is not being carried over to the new forums.