Forums Layout "Fixer"

I’ve seen a few posts of people complaining about how the new forums feel clunky or poorly designed. I’ve written a small Chrome extension that modifies the CSS of the new forums in an attempt to improve the usability and readability.

I mainly did this as a fun little project on my lunch hour yesterday, and thought I’d share.

If anyone would be interested in providing some feedback or suggestions, let me know!

Edit: Will just leave the link here. Anyone who wants it is welcome to it.

Firefox version

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Anything for those of us not using a botnet browser?

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ok i installed the fix … will try how it works … thanks

after 3 mins: i can see more stuff … it looks better to me i guess …

i am in experimental wide screen mode … it looks good with your fix … works good in that mode too

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Was trying it yesterday and found no problem so fort.
Really liked that you moved the sub categories to the middle of the screen, when on the parent page.

To all other browsers, there are some scripts and plugins in the forum.

Direct link to some I have tried: by @Erika_Mizune
and by @Vincent_Eneticum

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Will check this out when I get on the computer. Been looking for ideas in ways to display the subcategories for my own script vs just a simple list style. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What browser are you using? I’ll see about getting something for it.

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Awesome! I didn’t test it in the widescreen mode, so I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement!

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I use firefox

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Firefox version has been uploaded! Let me know if there are any issues or if you have suggestions for improvement.

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New forums URL has changed, which has thrown off the extension. A fix will be out shortly!

EDIT: New versions have been uploaded. Updates should be out as soon as the app stores finish the publishing process

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Do you have a screenshot of how the Firefox version looks?

I dont have any screenshots right now. I can upload some, but it should work exactly like the chrome version.

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Ahhh, well I don’t know how the Chrome version looks either.

Might be a good idea to add a screenshot of it in the OP of this thread.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve uploaded 2 screenshots of some of the bigger changes onto the Chrome Store page. I’ll get around to posting them here / the Firefox page soon

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Cool, I got this thread bookmarked and will check back regularly.


Updated: Made some adjustments to fix issues caused by a small style change in the forums.