"stuck in forum"

So, first time using the new forum, I like it, except how do I go to other Eve-Online sources? Eve store? I figured “EveOnline” logo will lead me to main page of eve, but only for forums.

Before, I just use forum, click on the upper right, the tri line thing it was, then it showed me the Eve-Online sources to go what I need.

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Try removing “forums.” from the URL in your browser to go to eveonline.com and hit return.
It might take you where you want.

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This thread here has UserScripts that make these forums much more user friendly:

There’s also other ‘Forum Improvement’ threads with helpful UserScripts in the Third Party Developers forum.

it’s really so hard for you to type eveonline.com in adres bar? Put bookmark if want spare few keyboard click.

Maybe he just does/did not understand the nature of subdomains. And that’s not really something I would call common knowledge.

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