why is there not a forum link on the game launcher or the game website? You have to hit support from the launcher and then drill down two more clicks to find the forums.

Are they trying to hide this place for a reason?

Put a Forums tab on the main Eve Online Page, and in the main Launcher page. Really, why not have the full menu of page options on the top or bottom of EVERY page???

18 year old game but the site is crafted to hide the community from players??? Its an odd choice.


I sure hope so, given how much whining and crying there is here. Someone’s even complaining about a 3rd party website that no one is obligated to visit and posted some psychology papers as if it means anything. r/eve is 100x better, though it does get spammy due to war propaganda posts.

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Google: “Eve Online Forums”

anyone that wants to suffer through the insanity that is the EVEO Forums doesn’t need a link spoon fed to them, we are smarter than that! :smiley:

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