Private forum section

Does corporations still have the possibility of obtaining a private section on this forum as it did in 2012?

Never heard of it, but there’s nothing stopping you from starting a forum or Discord for your corporarion.

How its look like: LINK.

Why are we doing this?

We are very interested in providing corporations, particularly new and smaller corporations, with a community enhancing tool which boosts communication and corp cohesion without all the hassle of starting their own external forum.

Idea was simple, create corp, get private forum space out of the box (only for corp members), dont worry about 3rd party tools and authentication.

Ah, that’s a picture of the old forums, the version CCP used before the current forums.

It’s a few years before Discord started to be a thing, nowadays I can imagine most corporations will easily have their own out-of-game chat platform with minimal effort even if they use something else than Discord.

Anyway, I haven’t heard of private forums on the current forum, aside from maybe a section for CSM.