OK, before someone tells me to learn another language, or tells me mods are illegal. CCP or whoever Owns eve now needs to add a translator function for all chat purposes. And before someone says they can’t don’t give me that bs I have games on my phone that are free that have translators. They are not perfect but I would rather get half of the conversation than none of it. Fix this.

HURR DURR MaKe ThE gAmE lIkE I WaNt Or I lEaVe !

Just use Google Translate, mate.

Yea that would be great if it didn’t run slower every time. My whole point is a free game on my phone can make use of a translator a major game like this should be able to easily

And free games on your phone also heavily tax you with microtransactions, ads everywhere, etc.

Get something to lose something else, it’s a trade. And sincerely, there are way better things CCP should focus on right now, rather than add a mechanic to the chat that can be extremely messy sometimes.

As said, Google Translate is your best friend. And if you can’t run both your internet navigator and an EVE client at the same time, use your phone with all those free games with built-in translators to translate what anyone is saying in EVE Online.

And sincerely, the majority of EVE players speak at least an entry level english, with the exception of maybe the big russian communities or asian ones.

So your saying a free game makes more money than ccp? And seriously their main advertisement for eve is play with others but if you can’t communicate with everyone then you can’t play with others can you…

And as big and great as this game is we shouldn’t have to use Google which is a very bad example of a translator.

Candy Crush does about $1,000,000 a day in revenue, so does Clash of Clans; so yeah probably.

Eve does better than that cmon

As i see you can read and write in english pretty fast here in the forums…! :slight_smile:

Yea English is my language but other ppl I play with speak Russian German and other languages

ehmm…ok but this should not be your problem, isnt it?

Does it?

Revenue for 2016 was $86,000,000; that’s a fair bit short of $1,000,000 every day.


If you can’t communicate with everyone, it’s still mean you can communicate with some. EVE is, was, and will be an english game, so people should take their precautions to, at least, speak the basics in english to be understood by others, or don’t complain.

And before you say “hurr durr it’s easy to say that when you speak english yourself”, I’m french, and EVE made me improve my english way better than any teacher. Well, I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s improved.
I don’t want this part of my answer to be seen as centered on my little person, but to make you see someone can actually gain from EVE being massively english speaking. Since someone will most likely enjoy playing EVE if they stick around, their english could improve along.

Mia ananaso ne estas via komerco.

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Seriously Esperanto? That’s almost as dead as Latin.

/me murders French.
Il n’est pas l’ananas que vous cherchez.

This sentence is actually correct.

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Thanks, I did check it first, but as is customary for an Englishman the original was terrible.

Je parle un peu Francais :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, merde is like saying ■■■■ !

Everyone use it so often it’s more a form of punctuation than a real swear word.

merde means ■■■■. as in mierda in spanish

I didn’t mean to offend if I did, on the other side of the channel we use shite , with or without the E, to describe something that is broken or poorly constructed; like my French.

We use it for a lot of other things too, the great thing about English is that you can use the expletives in so many ways.

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