Translation API integration

I would like a Language Text Translation API integrated into the chat system. Similar to google translate that I already use.

Implementation and translator within the game

Allow translation of chat?

Universal Translator

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…just use that then?

I think we can create a translation megathread like the AFK cloaky thread.

To use any non open source translation (google etc.) CCP would need to pay and be depended on it. Open source is probably also no option since CCP will be forced to work with third party company.

And there is no way that in any near future CCP will create own translation tool.

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Solid -1 for me as a public community FC.

If someone is using translation APIs, they’re potentially getting mistranslations, but can fake knowing what the instructions are well enough until I have to make a voice call in an emergency, and then people screw up. I’d much rather know a pilot can’t follow the language(s) the FC team can talk to them in.

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