Auto translation of languages in chat

its super hard to develop a auto translator
even google with a giant database and state of the art AI do a sub par job
i don’t think CCP will ever consider that possibility …

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I didn’t really see how that story was relevant to the thread.

Anyway, I disagree that a direct translation is better than non. A direct translation requires CCP to put in work and will have a lot of players complain about the usability and quality of the translation as it isn’t really all that useful when it is just a direct translation.

I’m not trying to design anything.

I’m just saying that because of the difficulty of translating EVE slang, of which EVE language has a lot, any direct automated translation efforts will not be any more effective than copy pasting whatever you have into google translate and paste that in local.

In short, I don’t think the result will be useful and will not be worth the effort.

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Don’t be lazy, learn a language if you need to communicate in it. It’s quite normal for people to know a handful of languages. Especially in Europe and bordering countries.

Nothing wrong with learning Russian or Chinese. You can use it outside the game too.

For Eve, perhaps just learn basic phrases such as “I surrender”. Perhaps somebody can put together a bunch of useful Eve phrases in all languages.

it is not super hard. Someone has already solved this problem. It just needs to be implemented.

I use an auto-translate in the mobile game Last fortress. It works seamlessly. some use google translate. I have seen an app translate speech to another language on the fly.

I use to code, badly. For stuff I wanted and I did not know how code, I would use libraries. This is not hard. I was a very bad coder. and I was able to stand on the shoulders of these llibraries. developer libraries are small pieces of code that do something. for example you can get a translator library and drop it into EVE.

Dropping things into EVE is a different story though.

But this is not a coding discussion. It is simply a human issue. Do people want to communicate regardless of language? Yes.

Are more and more people from different languages playing EVE? Yes.

Suggesting someone learn English to play EVE is a very limited point of view.

My point is that we have localisation for an increasing amount of languages. so this means, as we will be playing on one server we will encounter people from other languages. for me it be nice to have a chat with someone regardless of language, apart from the universal language of Pew Pew.

yeah i used to code to …
many people have asked for Spanish
they don’t do the localization
if such auto translator software was feasible , boom , insta Spanish localization

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Okay. I will learn 100% language before talking to anyone with a different language.

Similarly, I will become a cartographer and use my own maps.

You raised the bar higher than me, I never once said 100%.

how much % of a language do I need to learn to not be lazy?

They need someone to translate the game and volunteer to do it

If that were to happen then I am almost sure that they will use google translate since it is ready to go.

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English is a vastly superior language and it should be the only language spoken in Eve. Caldarians understand…

Yeah nah! English holds the language dominance based on the socal applicable form of communication and that seems to be the better choice than just using grunts, crys or even slurs while MCing a fleet of expensive fitted ships.

What others are trying to explain to you, and you keep ignoring, is that there are no localized translation services readily available for chat purposes. All of those in-app translation features use third party services, sending the messages off-site to the third party and returning the results back to the chat servers. And many EVE players aren’t happy with having their chat logs sent to a third party, nor with the additional degradation in chat service it would entail to add yet another hook into the already highly unstable service.

There are plenty of user-side solutions for this that do not cause general chat service issues, and you are free to employ them.

You misunderstand me. Localized in this context is in regards to hosting of the translation service - that is, none of the translation services are hosted locally on the servers of the games that use them for their chats. All of them require connectivity to an external service - which is clear from the full text of my post.

Don’t insult others with your lack of understanding. Attacking users for providing reasons for why they disagree with your proposal is not going to encourage support from anyone.

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you have no idea why CCP does of does not do things.

TLDR: I asked should there be autotranslation in EVE to your own languages. You know because other people speak different languages.

Everyone should speak English.
Translation is too hard.

No. Simply because some translations are not correct, like google, isnt always accurate.

Ccp will accept folks who can properly translate for them. But nobody will step up and do it…

Same reasoning for why ccp wants human translators

Translation of game content is something that is done a great deal; EVE has several supported languages where game content has been translated in full. Additional languages are added when there are sufficient support staff to create a comprehensive quality user experience.

Translation of chat is an entirely different matter. CCP doesn’t even run their own chat servers anymore; adding additional third parties to that relationship to try to fold in automated translations is generally not desired for several reasons:

  1. requires exposing chats to a third party service
  2. increases failure opportunities in an already flaky service
  3. quality of these services is typically quite low

As there are already ways to achieve chat translation at the discretion of the end user, without causing chat issues for everyone, plenty of folks find this a poor investment of limited development dollars and time based on their own usage and interest. And that’s perfectly valid. People don’t have to support changes they get no benefit from or would not use, especially when the changes have no morality component. Convenience is not something to which any player is entitled, after all.

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I had forgotten how heavy a task it still is to understand written English in chat. It might be a long afternoon but we do have google translate and I never complain when trying to translate chinese-russian to english.

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