Auto translation of languages in chat

Actually, CCP has told us what the requirements are for them to localize the client into another language.

  1. Sufficient employees and volunteers for the localization team who are fluent in both English and the target language for localization
  2. Sufficient volunteers for the ISD team to support the target language on the forums
  3. Sufficient employees for the GM team to support ticket resolution in the target language

Now, this is obviously not the same as the requirements for setting up a chat translation system. A chat translation system would either need to be coded by CCP, or licensed from a third party.

Good translation software is extremely complex to code, and CCP has no staff currently allocated to this. They would have to hire specialized coders if they wanted to create their own, which their directors will never approve - they won’t make money from it.

That means CCP would have to license software, and code in functionality to run chat through that software - which, again, is going to cost a lot of money, with no ROI from doing so, which means it won’t be an approved expenditure.

So: CCP is not going to spend their very limited development budget on adding chat translations, when they have no evidence of chat translation driving sales of their product.


Yah, we had this discussion so many times. It’s not worth CCP’s time money and resources to build a local translation into the chat box.

Pretty much learn English as others said. People keep continuing the same stuff hoping it will change. Sorry this feature of having auto translation in chat is not coming to EVE anytime soon and I can say that with confidence.

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Meanwhile, shitty Eve Echoes has the in-chat translation.

That’s because NetEase, who made EVE Echoes, already has licensing agreements for chat translation software for their other titles. Adding it to EVE Echoes was not a significant development expense, and was factored in from the outset.


As nice as the feature may seem, that’s quite a privacy concern as well I’m sure. Having every single word said being shipped off to Google et all. At the very least in the current state there’s some manual labor involved in getting every message translated and sent to an external party.

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What is it you do that is so illegal that you would worry about Google and other tech giants snooping on you?
Or are you just paranoid for sake of paranoia?

I’m just asking because I don’t understand why people are so afraid to be snooped on by tech providers.
I can tell you that if I’m being snooped on then it must be the most boring stakeout anyone has ever undertaken.

Also, for anyone worried about being “watched”, newsflash, authorities already have the tech to know what you might be up to, they don’t need Google for that, they have their own snooping equipment.
The van parked across the street with cops listening wasn’t just yesterday, it’s been around for several decades already.
I saw that on Hawaii Five-0 :sweat_smile:

Privacy is a boundary that the individual should control. It is your kind of thinking that has erroded our privacy bounary for years.

So as long as it’s not you, you don’t care about it, but the moment somebody snoops on you, all hell breaks loose right?

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Oh yeah. You know everything about me. That’s amazing.

:sweat_smile: This forum is a trip.

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It is. It’s funny as hell. Why do you think I’m on it? Certainly not for the deep conversations, lol.

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The tech has only been around for at least 16 years…

You don’t honestly expect CCP to be THAT up to date, do you?

“They” know everything about you, after all, you don’t care.

You’re still on that?
Don’t you people ever move on?

Alright this is going really off topic. It’s too much time and resources CCP will have to invest to build translation in the chat box. It requires so many things the reward/input ratio is not there. They would likely lose money if they tried to do this.

Sorry, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

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I don’t think anyone was waiting with bated breath on that.

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That’s right, I don’t care. What “they” know about me isn’t going to avail them much if at all.

This feature if they ever do it which I don’t see happening, will have to be “opt in” (disabled by default) and optional. For those that do care.

This could be done as I said earlier, with a chat log scraper and translation API app. You could even hook it up to a mobile device to show you to text.

This kind of thing is suitable for a third party app, however you also have the problem of sending other peoples chat content into the API which they may not like but it’s already in the log so.

You could hack this thing up easily in no time. I could, I have zero interest in it though.

This is such a general application that there might even be one out there already that tails logs and translates.

Logs are a 3-tuple of (Timestamp, Sender name, text)

I agree. Although there is so much a gaming company can do to personalize the experience, especially a company that doesn’t want to spend more money than they have to.

They could do it, I have no doubt about it. Maybe not this current crop of devs but it can be done.

So you’re the hacker but you’re worried that someone else will snoop on you? Isn’t there a paradox there or irony?

I understand some mobile games have it but now pc and mobil codes must be very different from one another.

Also, @Emotional_Support_Clown
I apologize for the crap I posted to you. Your personal life shouldn’t be any of my concern.

The term is the original form of hacking up code, jury rigging up an application code to perform a function.

Though CCP like low hanging low effort fruit, this is something I just don’t see even them bothering with as it also entails licensing and legal for third party solutions/API’s and probably more cost and GDPR and data exfiltration risk and that requires many parties and staff. That right there is enough to put an end fo that feature request.

Oh okay. So like, tweeks and such?