Auto translation of languages in chat

I think it’s too much work for CCP, they aren’t up to the task.

It’s the legal, regulation, data and cost to keep that feature onlined. Look at chat as it is on AWS, unrealiable and you’ve just added another moving part and legal headache.

Technically it’s a walk in the park to develop and test on its own.

Amazon Translate Pricing - Amazon Web Services (AWS) yeah, Jita will cost a spamload. They would need to throttle chat again so to reduce costs on translation spam. End result, subscription price goes up again. Perhaps CCP could add that as an itemised service for gamers, translation automatic, 5.99 a month.

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I guess they don’t want to deal with the legality of it. And really I don’t blame them if that’s the case.

I suggest they make this an itemised billing option for those that want it (see my previous comment on translation costs). You want it, you pay for it, otherwise everybody whom uses it or not has to pay for it in a higher sub cost again and I don’t think higher sub costs are popular now.

That’s right, adding that isn’t free.

If you’re not prepared to pay for it, you don’t really need/want it then.

Price estimator here AWS Pricing Calculator go through your chat logs from Jita, calculate that x number of channels and systems for 24/7/365 x number of players translating.

Chat is hosted on AWS, CCP is not going to become an expert in translation solutions, they will buy in (and pass that onto you).

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They could certainly do that but I doubt they even want to. At this point it seems like the devs are done developing EVE and will just add patches and half-finished stuff if the past is any indication of the future.
Not only that but it’s likely to be full of bugs and exploitable.

Is auto translate a good idea?

As a base concept, yes. As a business development for CCP to use in EVE? Not ao much.

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I keep getting the feeling that you think you work at CCP?

Hardly. One doesn’t have to work at a specific company to understand business operations, though. I work at a company that deals with similar considerations, on a much larger scale, and the principals are very familiar.

I would be impressed if AWS could translate the gibberish that appears in local chat. Especially the CSM “vote for me” spam once a year. That right there would cost a fortune.

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