Turkish language support

Respected (Eve online) authorities.
My call and my rebellion to you. Me and many Turkish friends like me want to play this game, but the only problem is that the game is not in Turkish. We want Turkish language support. I won’t stop playing this game but I will ask for help here every week if needed until I add Turkish language support. Please help.
Best regards…

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Good luck with that.

You have to understand that adding languages to a game and officially supporting that language is not a trivial matter. It has a cost to it. So in order for CCP to officially support Turkish they either need

  1. A high enough population of Turkish speaking players to justify it.
  2. Data showing that adding Turkish support would yield enough new players to justify the cost.

You would probably be better off trying to give CCP useful information that would help satisfy the above vs just asking.


Yeah, check out the loc team of the Volunteer Program.


I teach EFL online, English as a Foreign Language. I have many Turkish students; perhaps 25% of my total number of students are Turkish.

I do believe that the Turks would be a valuable addition to the community, but I don’t know how many of them will be able to afford Omega status. The Lira is at 8.68 to the US dollar, and steadily creeping upward, so 15 USD would work out to about 130 Lira per month for a sub.

But I could be wrong. Some of my students from Istanbul are on vacation with their families in Didim and Cannakale right now, which would argue that they have money to spend.

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ignore my wrong words, I use translation.
First of all, I must say, does the CCP have player statistics? If not, I’ll ignore your talk, I’m sure there are more players than some languages that support this but what you don’t understand here is why we can’t hold on to the game.

(sorry for my wrong words i use translation)
yes, we have a dollar exchange rate, but that doesn’t mean ignoring the players. If the CCP company had such a mentality, it would have determined why it has so few players for 20 years, in which case I would delete the game from my computer and leave sadly :confused:
You don’t need to pay money to buy Omega, we can afford it from the game.
thanks for your nice comments.

@Derath_Ellecon @Jenny_Hong
You can check which country is in first place in NASA’s campaign to send names into space.


What does sending names in space have anything to do with EVE?

Follow @Shipwreck_Jones suggestion to join the volunteering team.
to have a support system for a language means the ENTIRE game needs to be properly translated, and continually translated through each update. Most of the actual supported languages i’m sure are volunteers who are keeping things updated and translated.

This is why other highly requested languages aren’t supported because nobody will step up and properly volunteer to translate to their language.


I’m sure they have player statistics. And I would bet those statistics would probably show it isn’t financially viable to support the Turkish language.

Keep in mind personally I think it would be awesome if all games could support all languages. However I also understand the reality that the reason all games don’t support all languages is that it just isn’t financially viable.

It is a sad reality. And you are welcome to post every month, but it will likely be a waste of time.

You would be better as already recommended to reach out about volunteering.

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There is a very selfish thought here. I want a game in your mother tongue to enter our language, but you say it’s expensive to think about, then do you empathize? If you were in the same situation, would you learn Turkish?
We can do the Turkish translation ourselves, but since it is an online game, the game will be perceived as cheating since it will contain 3rd party software, show some empathy here. And we have friends who support us, but it’s not enough, you can easily make different sequences in the game with the hidden features of the game. In this game, I can barely navigate several galaxies without knowing English on such a large map. My goal is to do what I want, when I want.

When I say it’s expensive, these Triple A games PAY folks to translate the games into the respective languages. CCP doesn’t have that kind of money. Becoming a volunteer won’t give you any access to software to give others the perception that you are cheating. @ISD_Golem can you please explain how the volunteer program works?


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