Community-created language/localizations?

I’ve done some volunteer work for the team that has been porting Elder Scrolls Online to Spanish:

They just looked at the localization binary file format and built a drop-in replacement localization for Spanish. IIRC the developer added a client config option to optionally point to a custom localization file for advanced users. It works well.

I’ve been getting back into EVE Online and was wondering if a similar thing would be feasible here. I’ve tried searching this issue various times, but people generally are asking if CCP can add support for $lang while I’m asking if the community could work on its own $lang localization. I certainly can understand why CCP can’t support every language, and this is the sort of thing the community can solve.

Of course, for this to be feasible:

  • There would need to be external localization files (rather than inlined into the game executable) with a sane mapping structure – usually is the case if a game already supports more than one lang such as EVE.
  • We would have to know the file format (in case it’s, for example, an exotic ad hoc binary format)
  • Ideally the client would support additional localization files (though sometimes it’s possible to swap out one of the existing localization files, like overwriting the Russian localization with a custom Spanish localization).

I know that such a project is a ridiculous amount of work – believe it or not some of us consider this fun. Curious to know if any of these bullet points pass the test.


You probably should reach out to CCP directly rather than discuss on the forums:

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Agreed. I will do that. Thanks.

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