Vote Addelee for CMS 14

It’s that time of the year again when we get to vote. This year I’ve decided to stand which is my first!

Whats my history?
I’ve played Eve since beta in one form or another; thats a total of over 16 years. I was originally a highsec mission runner, did some trade for some time and then moved down to Nullsec with a bit of lowsec thrown in for good measure.

In game you’ll generally find me floating around nullsec and wormholes doing exploration in one form or the other. I’ve experience of all the PVE activities and have been involved in PVP for awhile.

Target Audience
I’m here to represent new players and old alike. I spend a lot of time helping rookies out in the help channel to get them on their feet and believe the NPE experience and the proceeding options could be streamlined and require less googling.

For Vets, content is the main problem. For PVE, abyssal and ratting anoms seems the norm and there is large opportunity to do far more.

Other elements that interest me is the ESI. It needs some love and care and as it’s something I specialise in for work, I’d like to see improvements in that. Abyssal space could be greatly extended for variety and event based themes.

Real Life Me
I’m 38 and live in the UK. I work in IT mainly doing Software Architecture or Engineering as a Freelancer. Getting married later in the year and have a 3 year old Cockerpoo who is ace!

Closing Blurb
So yes, I am in a large alliance, but the aspects I’ll be aiming to have influence and give feedback on will effect all walks of life.
I like Eve, love it really. I want the game to stay strong and move forward in a way that benefits us all and keep the community healthy into the future.

If that sounds your thing, please add me to your ballot!

Feel free to ask any questions or grab me ingame


addelee is a constant help in the Rookie Help Chat.

I endorse this candidate without reservations.



You have my vote just for how much help you give new player. I’m sure that this experience will be big help in CSM to improve NPE.


Q1. What is your position on CCP and Reddit. Do you feel they should continue to endorse forums such as this (by way of using this to interact with players) or do you feel its better served in CCP run forums. If so why…

Q2. What do you think is likely the causation for PLEX prices being so high, and how/what would you advocate for change should it be required.

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I don’t see a problem with interacting on Reddit. Social media and aggregation isn’t going away and if a large portion of your customer base is discussing your product there, then it makes sense to engage on that platform. Should it be the single source of discussion, definitely not as the official forum plays its role but to a different user base

This is a complicated one and without core data, we’re speculating but let’s speculate. (I’ll apologise as this gets long).

Plex prices have always risen since their introduction in 2008. However, recently there has been exponential growth. Looking at what we have, this began in December 2018 and hit a high on March 21st this year. In this time, we’ve seen various updates from CCP (Wardec system, Skills on Demand, Activity Tracker to name a few) but nothing major. If anything, the changes we’ve seen are to keep people playing and essentially, highsec safer and the new players playing. CCP have also been upped the level of advertising in various forms in this timeline.

In terms of the player base during this period, we’ve seen an increase but nothing unusual for winter. Winter always has higher concurrent users than the summer months, the exceptions being when a major war has broken out. How many of these players are new, are alpha or omega is anyone’s guess without the metrics to comment. Again, we can’t tell between paid subscriptions vs plex’d accounts.

Plex is fairly price inelastic meaning that if the prices goes up, consumer buying habits remain more of less the same. People are not put off buying said product thus reducing demand. If anything, we’re seeing increased demand. This is not suprising as ingame isk is fairly easy to make (there are more PVE opporunities than ever) and there are more items to spend isk on (namingly skins, training certificates, game time etc).

The fix (TL;DR)
Does it need one? CCP need to pay the bills and this has to either come from Plex sales or subscriptions. You cannot expect to have this amazing universe we fly in without paying for it in one form or another. CCP’s main player demographic is late 20’s, early 30’s men (no, I’m not forgetting the women here, hence I said main) who have disposable cash. Are we seeing user levels drop, we are but not by alarming levels. The game is 16 years old and niche and will never be appealing to the mass market.

CCP will need to watch inflation as the price of plex will have a knock on on the rest of the market. Will a plex sale work? No, it never has in the past so evidence would say it’s not going to work now.

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I’ve flown with you on and off through the years and would happily vote for you.

Thanks VD. Been too long, didn’t realise you were back!

how do I vote so I can give you a vote?

Addelee is the guy who convinced me to play Eve for which I will be for ever grateful. He helped me throughout the steep learning curve and even now helps this old timer when the game mechanics become too complicated for me to understand.
Addelee is there for everyone whether newbie or experienced. He has a pragmatic approach to the game and I unreservedly endorse his candidacy. Make the game a better place, vote addelee.

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Voting won’t actually occur until June. I’ve got to get through to that phase first.
The current timeline is:

  • 30th April – 12th May: Accepting applications
  • 13th – 17th May: Processing applications
  • 25th May: Announcing candidates at EVE Down Under
  • 25th May – 7th June: Campaign Period
  • 10th – 17th June: Voting
  • 22nd June: Announcing CSM 14 Members at EVE North
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Simple question, do you have a plan of action to attract new players?

you are a constant help in rookie chat, and based on what I’m able to see you have a proper IT background also. So for sure you have my vote!

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I actually think CCP are doing a good job of attracting new players at present. If you look at the number we see in Rookie help, it shows a good indication that there’s fresh blood coming to the game.

I think the real issue is keeping them. We all know eve is complex and not for all but a few steps could help.

Firstly, I think the NPE needs more work; simple things like bug fixing the existing career agents (there’s 2 known issues currently that have existed for years) would help as currently, it causes confusion.

Secondly, most rookies come back after doing the Seekers Investiagion and Career agents with “well…what now?”. More hand holding is required here I believe as we see that question so often and the basic response is the WTD image or “go and google”. CCP kinda kick you into space and hope for the best without covering basics such as corps, FW and really, the options available immediately. I believe they could get around this by introducing a second stage of agent or arc which would help cover this and explain not the real basics, but a general info type guide. It’d be optional and provide maybe a reward at the end (something basic like a cruiser skillbook).

I’ve always felt there’s a real dependence on 3rd party resources with Eve, especially at the start, so making some of this information available quickly might help new players settle in.

I think a start for CCP could actually be to make the tutorial videos far more prominent. Most new players aren’t aware of them and what content they hold (from the F12 window --> tutorials)

Yes but not entirely active.

There seems to be massive talk of PIBC coming over from serenity. Views?

OP is indeed a constant help in Rookie channel, knowledgeable and willing to invest effort. Indicating a clear long term desire to help the game do better.

I’m no fan of Goons (grrr) and not 100% convinced it’s not yet another goon sock puppet CSM (Goons being Goons :P) but I just might give him the benefit of the doubt.

Make the NPE great again.

Well, they are definitely heading over this way. I’ve no problem presuming they don’t bring the botting with them. Having another large force isn’t a bad thing but as said, as long as it’s above board. More players is more players regardless of origin.

Thanks! Figure I’ve played long enough to return something. It doesn’t exactly have the easiest learning curve for a modern game (which is no bad thing)

To be honest, other than one other member, I’ve not spoken with Goons to run for CSM. If I am a puppet, I’m a very ignorant one!

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Apparently I was disqualified but I’ve zero idea why

No, you were someone I was looking forward to working with.

Very sorry to hear this.


Thanks! Would have been nice. No idea what went wrong tbh. Maybe next year!

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Hi Addelee,

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan, or that I even know you.

But I have seen you in Rookie Help. I also have to say that I want to see Rookie Help channel changed so that players like you and all the other non-new players are barred from entering that channel.

I’m sorry but you guys spend far too much time on there trolling and spoiling the atmosphere which is supposed to be about new players experience - almost like a corporation exclusively for new players.

I think the whole atmosphere is spoiled by the presence of experienced players.

Maybe there could be three or four ISDs or players with special colour tags on their names to give feedback.

As a supporter of new players, you don’t actually seem to be campaigning for anything related to them in your op. What’s the reason for this?

What exactly are you campaigning for?