The Judge Still Loves You - CSM 14

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Who am I?

You may know me from my previous terms on the CSM or as the guy who pulled off the single biggest heist in EVE’s History. There is more to my story.

Over the last three and a half years I have served as a member of CSM 11, 12 and 13. This is despite the real-life challenges of attending weekly CSM meetings at 3 a.m. local time. In fact, I’m the only CSM member in history who has attended every single CSM meeting in a term. I also created the CSM discord when I started on CSM 11 as a way to more directly involve the community in the CSM process and help people get in contact with their elected representatives. I’m dedicated to EVE and the CSM. I have the knowledge and contacts to be a productive CSM member and that is something I believe holds a lot of value.

Why you should vote for me

The CSM isn’t all powerful. Every election candidates will tell you that they will fix Faction Warfare, make EVE more dangerous - or safe, fix the economy and so on to try and win your vote. A CSM member doesn’t have the power to make that happen. I’m not going to try and sell you the moon. What I am good at is working professionally with CCP’s developers and helping people to walk into a room with an open mind and a desire to make a change. I want to use my experience to shine a light on the issues facing every EVE player, namely the rapid increase in PLEX price, the issues plaguing Faction Warfare and the constant issue of botters.

Some things I’ve worked on as a CSM member lately
Major balance passes
⦁ Providing CCP with feedback to help combat botting and better understand and regulate the PLEX economy
⦁ Changes to the War Declaration mechanics
⦁ Charity auction at EVE Vegas 2018
⦁ Buying CCP Guard goodbye beers

The issues I plan to push on CSM 14
⦁ PLEX prices
⦁ Botting
⦁ Lowsec and Faction Warfare (it’s time)
⦁ EVE Online Classic Server
⦁ Communication issues from CCP


Whether you were involved in Judgement Day or not, it was a perfect representation of what EVE is, a sandbox. Regardless of any in-game notoriety, I have consistently advocated for the needs of my voters and the greater EVE playerbase. I’ve directly brought more players to the game and created millions of clicks on articles taking about EVE. I want to continue making a difference and I can do that with your vote.

How can you contact me?
Twitter: @_TheJudge
Discord: The Judge #1886
Reddit: _thejudge


Voting is now open! Please consider making me #1 on your ballot. VOTE HERE

Toxic Yaken
Shelby Watkins Powerranger

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Push for changes to Bounty Hunting and you have my vote…


If he does that the same way he did help CCP manage the PLEX market or look for bots, you are in for a treat. Or just look at the coming war dec changes, which practically end the good era of wars against huge groups and make war deccing large groups like TEST or Goons a nightmare. This kind of person is the perfect candidate for the GSM.

That’s all that matters? Clicks like EVE is an instagram tard? Besides, you mischaracterize your role there a tiny little bit. You aborted a good, long war in the delivery room, which would have brought in a whole lot more people who would have remained. All you brought in were attention seeking spoiled kids who left very soon after because nothing was happening again. That war would have created furthermore created a whole lot of content and destruction, which is badly needed in EVE. You prevented all that. And now you put yourself up as someone who helped EVE have a moment of fame. Again, the perfect candidate for the GSM.


You have my vote.


Top lad gets my vote

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I’ve known The Judge since roughly 2013.

Their is not a finer person outside of the game I would enjoy sitting down with at Vegas and talk about the current issues in game that players are facing and actually feel like he cares and comes up with interesting ideas to bounce off of the walls in a 1 on 1 setting. If he is doing that with some random average eve player at an EVE Meet I guarantee you that he is doing it in the dev rooms, weekly meetings, and getting the wheels turning.

Whether the changes he proposes happen or not (CCP isn’t the best listeners in this world after all) he will always speak his mind on the issues and grievances we have on behalf of the community that keeps this game running. That to me that is the most important thing a candidate can do; not shy away from the unpopular topics because CCP is your developer.

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Isn’t this the guy who wanted in on the CSM and then decided to just ■■■■ the people who voted for him by joining the goons?


Yea I don’t like it either, betrayal will never be forgotten but at the same time he is the only one that gives 2 ***** about low sec and Faction Warfare so I’m torn :/.

Is there any evidence that he actually gives even just a single ■■■■ about lowsec and FW? He’s a goon. What good do you think will he do to low and FW? Anyone who doesn’t give “nothing” as an answer must either be a goon or seriously delusional.

Spend your vote on someone who isn’t this guy, because this guy’s not a good guy and he’ll tell you whatever lie he needs to get your vote.


I wonder whether you have a hands off or hands on approach planned for your next term. :thinking:


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I’ve been flying a few times a week in FW space for a while now actually

Based on what facts do you have that he has done nothing?

Show me on the doll where the big bad goons touched you and your sand castle and spew your trash elsewhere. This isn’t about being goons, nc, or pl… its about the communities health.

You look at his reputation as a CSM member and what he has done. The accomplishments and attempts made are what matters here. If he says something he will make the attempt. If you’re worried about someone not caring about low sec you should maybe direct that hate towards CCP.

Actually you’re wrong.

Big Blocks are what is destroying this game. CO2 was indeed one of those blocks just because they were autistic enough to beat their heads against Test repeatedly doesn’t mean that what he did was a bad thing.

If you go back to that time and look at dotlan a lot of corporations joined smaller alliances (some went to TEST to get assets out and then left and others stayed). The dispersal of these big block alliances does wonders for the overall enjoyment of the game. Sure you don’t always know that they’re happening because they’re not record breaking fights, or really that big of a deal in the grand political scheme of EVE. Once again as you mentioned its not for the click bait its for the individual players enjoyment.

Followed you ever since CSM11, you will definitely have my vote. Just curious, what is your personal take on the PLEX prices?

I can’t give you my full opinion on PLEX prices as it gets a little too close to NDA territory but I’ll say what I can.

Currently PLEX inflation is many times over the level we’ve traditionally seen in EVE. This can partially be attributed to many things which together create a perfect storm. The main factors that we’re seeing as players are very visible. The citadel war in Perimeter creating unstable markets, lower tax than NPC in player citadels making volatile changes in PLEX prices less punishing on buyers and sellers, growth in the number of players hording PLEX as a store of wealth, less PLEX being bought with IRL $$$ in response to uncertainty about the game overall, botting, skill farming and skill extractors/injectors and all of this culminating in much smaller numbers of PLEX on the market.

CCP are able to see a lot more metrics and it’s been great to discuss this all with members of CCP’s economic council, but there is a lot more work to be done to understand exactly what is going on in the economy and what pressure points can be worked on and relieved to make a real differance. I don’t think anybody wants to see the point where PLEXing becomes impossible for the majority of players and we see the daily concurrent users drop off a cliff. In my opinion we’re getting dangerously close.

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Show me on this other doll here where I touched you to make you react. I wasn’t talking to you, no one was asking for your reaction to my post and nothing you say changes anything about the person he is. Sorry if I triggered you for engaging your “friend”. I guess it means you’re a lot like him?

To everyone who’s just a common average joe line member, pirate and lowsec resident …

This is to remind you what kind of a person you’re actually dealing with. This guy doesn’t give a single flying ■■■■ about you, his voters, or anyone, no matter what he says. He will ■■■■ you over just like he ■■■■■■ all the others and it’s just going to be a matter of time until he does.

He also doesn’t give a single flying ■■■■ about what you think of him, unless you’re a useful tool to get him what he wants. Just remember what he did to so many others, willingly, without giving a ■■■■ about how they feel about it. This sad excuse of a human being isn’t even man enough to admit what kind of asshole he is.

No, this isn’t about what he did.
It’s about how he did it and what he exposed about his personality.

But HEY, don’t take my word for it!
Read his own and what other people have to say about his actions!



This is about how he exposes that you’re just worthless pieces of ■■■■ to him. It’s about how he writes words saying one thing while his actions prove he’s thinking the opposite. How he doesn’t respect anyone but himself, and how he doesn’t give a ■■■■ about what anyone but himself thinks.

The Judge intentionally fucks the little guy both with words and actions, which means he’s absolutely going to be willing to intentionally ■■■■ you just as much eventually.

You know what the thread’s title is actually about?


When you vote for him, you’re bending over for him!
Remember to bring lube and better hope he’s going to use it.


Plex prices, combination of no sales and rampant bottling so legitimate topic.

Botting, hurting the economy severely but how do you plan to suggest that hurts bots but has minimal impact on active players?

FW and Low sec, i agree.

Eve online classic server, split servers would be a death sentence for for eve.

Communication issues, I agree here also.

Would you elaborate on this?

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one of them, yes