Vote The Judge for CSM 13

Who am I?

You may know me as the architect of Judgement Day, a legend among Goons and the Boogieman of Circle of Two. I single handedly pulled off the biggest heist in EVE history, destroyed an alliance in the process and became infamous.

Although I may seem the villain, there is more to my story. Over the last two years I have served as a member of CSM 11 and CSM 12. Despite the real-life challenges of attending weekly meetings at 3 a.m. local time. In fact, I’m the only CSM member who has attended every single one in a term.

My first EVE experience was in 2003 and I have been hooked ever since, exploring every type of content the game has to offer. EVE is a massive game fueled by the experiences of its players. I strongly believe what makes it unique is the community that shapes and guides the universe we all take part in every time we log in. Together, we write the story of EVE. Whether you’re an elite pvper, master of pve, industrial tycoon, shameless scammer or notorious pirate, you’re what makes this story worth telling.

Why you should vote for me.

The CSM isn’t all powerful. People will tell you they will fix Faction Warfare, make EVE more dangerous - or safe, fix the economy and so on to try and win your vote. That’s not what the CSM does. Over my last 2 terms serving on the CSM I’ve learned the limitations of the position. We’re here to advise, not command. I’m not going to try and sell you a bridge. Instead I want to focus my time encouraging CCP to address the concerns of the players as well as encourage better communication from the development team to the playerbase.

Although I am currently a member of The Imperium, I have spent years in High, Low, and Null security space doing just about everything there is to do. As such, I have my ear to the ground on the issues facing pilots from all over New Eden. This is part of what has made me a successful CSM for the last two years. Clone states, Jump Fatigue changes, Refineries and Moon Mining, Ships and Modules balance and yes, Pink SKIN’s, are some of the things I’ve been involved with in my time as a CSM representative.

My platform is quite simple. I’m running for reelection because I’m good at being a CSM. I’m willing to go above and beyond to represent the playerbase. Helping shape Alpha Clones and their available skills, as well as bringing attention to ship balance are just a couple of examples of that. My attendance record speaks for itself about my dedication to the CSM. Beyond that, I’m extremely knowledgeable about EVE and have an incredibly positive working relationship with EVE’s developers, something critical to achieving success as a CSM.
Many players and even a few developers have asked me to run again for CSM 13, so that’s what I’m doing.

Whether you were involved in Judgement Day or not, it was a perfect representation of what EVE is. Regardless of any in-game notoriety, I have consistently advocated for the needs of my voters and the greater EVE playerbase.

I’m The Judge, and no matter if you think of me as a hero or a villain, you should be voting for me for CSM 13. This is our story, and its what makes EVE worth playing even after all these years.

How can you contact me?
Twitter: @_TheJudge
Ingame: Mail or convo The Judge
Discord: The Judge #1886
Reddit: _thejudge



As someone who talks to Judge via Discord daily, I can say I believe he is a worthy candidate for the position of CSM.

I also support judge in his bid for world domina… ahh I mean CSM reelection.

Yeah, of course vote for someone who aborted one of the potentially better content generation in the in the delivery room if you want less content in EVE.


Hello, Judge. I am a pilot in factional warfare. While I understand your perspective on promises, I would like your opinion on null sec influence on changes that are proposed for FW. One such example in the past is the ability of fw sov holders to deploy limited or system wide temporary cyno jamming. This was heavily opposed by null sec entities, before the proliferation of capital alts became a thing with skill injectors. With the relaxation of jump fatigue, this may once again come up as an issue in the frequency of force projection, escalations, or third partying from ping warriors.

The question of where a CSM members loyalties lay is a complicated question, but it’s not as simple as saying “you’re a nullsec pilot so you only care about nullsec”. Most of the people who manage to get elected have experience in most parts of space. From my two terms thus far I can only think of a couple of people who weren’t looking at the bigger picture or were only experienced and interested in a small section of EVE’s gameplay. Those people didn’t make very effective council members.

I personally don’t think that system jamming is a good mechanic and I wouldn’t really like to see it in lowsec either. At the end of the day, we can discuss all kinds of changes, but it’s up to game designers within CCP to pick something up and run with it. FW needs a complete redesign in my opinion and I’d love to see it happen once the current roadmap is completed (we’re almost there!).


It’s important to keep in mind which CSM’s are actually out there integrating with the community on a day to day basis. After all - isn’t it the CSM’s job to be the mouth piece of the player base to CCP? The list of candidates - incumbent or not - that are readily reachable is painfully short. Fortunately Judge is definitely on that list. Love him or hate him because of Judgement day, it’s impossible to deny his effectiveness as a CSM and his ear to the ground approach to managing communications with CCP on behalf of us.

I could care less about Nullsec politics but what I do care about is that the player base at large is in sync with CCP’s vision for the game. I like Eve and presumably we all like Eve - what’s best for Eve is that it stays the vibrant and scary universe it ought to be. The CSM is limited in what it can do - which means it’s all the more important especially in light of the recent news - that we have experienced CSM’s with a proven track record representing us to CCP. They need to be able to work the system, they need to know the ins & outs of CCP and most importantly they need to have Eve’s best interest at heart.

I fully endorse the Judge and you should as well.

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That was a good answer. Thanks for taking the time. Now I wanted to ask about the mechanics in eve which inspire motivations, as some of the core ideas of the player vs player content is attached to resource wars that are attractive to many who aren’t interested in the intended purposes of the Risk vs Reward scheme. In FW we have a great example of this with farmers. They’re not here to help push systems and fight, but will and do take full advantage of the Isk. In Null sec, you have a lot of alts, who are there just to take advantage of afk ratting within large alliances, and while they do push the indexes up, they really are not invested with that group.

Do you think having alts to support a main is a healthy foundation to the design of this game?
Do you feel the balance in fun vs the investment of time required to achieve that fun has a balance or could there be a devious scheme to bankroll people with the plex shortcut?

I want to add something about FW. While ratters in null might push indexes up. Farmers in FW, on the other hand, do not push indexes up, they sink the value of our LP and cause a huge tier imbalance (mostly due to missions). If bounties paid out in null was being drawn from some limited pool, or diminishing returns, then you would have a massive cry-out and complaint about farmers too. While many are afraid to admit high mission payouts and defensive plexing are the major current problems in FW (aside from docking restrictions being bypassed by citadels), I am not. I believe that dumping on the problems will be what heals FW, even if it is like the doctor coming in and telling you that you must amputate to stop an infection.
*FW missions payout too much LP with the current bonuses to tier. The main problems are ease of access with minimal risk by the ships responsible: covert ops, or stealth bombers, tech 3 cruisers, and I would include insta-warping tech 3 destroyers. A simple and quick ship restriction to the gated missions would single-handedly solve this problem and bring the risk up to the rewards. A literal 1 hour fix to not allowing tech 2 or tech 3 ships into the missions.
*complex farming. Currently there is a huge debate about a core change coming to FW that will disallow any ship fit with warp core stabs to enter a FW objective. I believe this change to be misguided, and that the true problem is that defensive plexing is now paid out as well and it requires absolutely zero effort to do this. You don’t have to shoot a rat, you don’t have to have guns, you don’t even need to reactivate a mining laser. If CCP would just stop payouts to defensive plexing WHILE giving us another way to drop contested levels, this would solve the main reason any non-combat pilot would fit a stab. We could have the rats in belts drop contested levels by a small percentage, or we could have the system passively drop by 3% each downtime.

Even though I would love a major rework to FW, I would like to keep my expectations reasonable and suggest these short term solutions that we could have now.

Surprised to see you running, as I recall you didn’t want to run again. But sure I would vote for you, you have demonstrated to actually know what your doing for the most part.

Now we have a election timeframe! Remember, vote often and vote Judge!

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You stated clearly on Talking in Stations the night of Judgement Day that you would not be running for CSM again. May I ask, Kingslayer, why did you change your decision? Or was this merely another one of your deceptions?

I guess we are safe to assume he has time to spare and wants both his hands full of work. :smirk:

As mentioned in the OP, I’ve had a lot of people asking me to run again. The thing that really changed my mind was a number of developers asking me straight up to run again as they’ve found my feedback helpful and would like to continue that relationship.

At the time I didn’t have any plans to run again (which I said openly), and that changed. It’s really that simple.

In that case, let them pay you directly and make the relationship more transparent …

… otherwise, your desire to be a representative of “the people” appears somewhat underwhelming.

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I assure you, if I didn’t have the drive or desire to be a representative of the community I would have checked out as a CSM last September. I still attend every meeting, and I’m still involved in every discussion.

Sir, I shal decline to cast my vote for you.
Best wishes …

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Voting starts today. Vote for the best representative for you to help make the CSM successful for another year!

This person buys votes with alts. I’d say don’t vote for a person who has to bribe people to insure victory. Merit would work well.