Cacique Yuhasz For CSM

Hello all my ingame is Cacique Yuhasz i am a cuban player that found this game in 2017 when finally cuban goverment release the internet for the cubans
EVE is and has been since i found it a nice part of my daily life outside the game and the ingame make me experience many things that teach me or make me saw things diferently

Lets say that 2020 it is been a great year for EVE despite many differents opinions have been a good year for changes CCP is on the right track and CSM 14 did a great job many thanks to all the CSM 14 team members that provide differents kinds of vews plays and counters plays
however EVE is not a simple game is base more on the comunity and what it does want to do more

it is on my believe we can still do more for many playstyles and make it richer as aready been show up big battles not just occur on null sec can be happening on every part of eve not mattering the segurity

EVE is one and each of you , EVE is something special in all of us

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Do you have a campaign video?

i live in cuba my internet is not the best however y may try to do one and upload it as soon i can

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