The help channels are unusably toxic

I am a returning player.
Asked on the English help chat what the actual difference between a normal DCU and the (for me) new Assault DCU is, because one is passive and has better stats, the other active and gives less resistance. All I got was a copy & paste of the description and got asked if I am too stupid to read. And that is just the English help chat.

The German one is totally gone. I asked if it would be wise to train for a Moros, because I wanted a goal to strive for. All I got was a “You have no idea about dreads, do you?”. Well no, I don’t. I’ve been to zero sec, I’ve never been in a corp that gets stuff done though. I have never flown a Moros. That is why I asked. But it seems like it is frowned upon to not know something.

Seriously, the trolls on those channels are awful and it is impossible to ask a question without getting cussed out. There needs to be more effort to keep those channels clean.

That is all.


The help channels are awful. They are quite possible the worst thing for new/returning players to be shoved into - for example you have Rookie Help inflicted on you as a new player without choice for 35 days(?) and that is just terrible.

And before anyone says something ‘hilarious’ and ‘cutting’ like “yeah, but how can someone like you say that” think about this: this is ME saying this… how fkn bad can they be for ME to be saying this…?..

The “help” channels genuinely are horrific and definitely off-putting to many.



Help channels are full of people who like to insult, claim that foreign people should be killed, that Islamic people should be killed, that anybody disagreeing with them should be eliminated.

Those people are just here to troll, insult, spam. Then add in the people with commercial adds, with recruitment spam.

I have been asked in private message often because beginner often can’t even get an answer.

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Yeah, you’ll get a little better response to your questions here in the forums. For the best response post your questions in the correct sub-forums.

Assault Damage Control module combines regular passive Damage Control resistance bonus with a powerful active ability to greatly boost resistance stats for a short period of time, basically it’s like a ‘Last Stand’ option to help reduce incoming damage. Assault Damage Controls can only be fit to Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers.

Now about Dreads, they aren’t allowed in High Sec space so you might want to keep that in mind. Personally I think a Marauder would be a good ship to consider, they can fit a Bastion Module which when activated basically turns them into a rock.


And, are you?


I can read. But the active module gives less resistances than the passive. I saw it in the market and was curious, since I love to fly my Ishtar. See this comparison: What am I missing then? edit: Okay, I was missing the line where it said “Activated REsistance”, but all that is not a good reason for the whole drama.

I am fine with my Rattle for missions. I wanted something bigger for nullsec. I have decided to go for Logistics now, to be able to do Incursions.

What you’re looking at is the base amount of passive Resistance which is always present, what you’re missing is when activated, the Assault Damage Control module will give a 75% increase to all Resistance stats for about 14 seconds, then there’s a 150 second reactivation delay before you can use it again.


Yea just figured that out. But anyway, it isn’t the core issue. Thanks though.


Was just trying to answer the questions you posted in the OP of this thread.

Also when the Assault Damage Control module is activated, the 75% resistance stat is added to any other resistance stats currently enabled on the ship, such as Invul field, rigs, etc, which will give you very high resistance stats for increased EHP’s.

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Core issue is some people are awful and you should keep to eve university wiki and avoid dealing with people in help channel.

This is the second thread in recent memory about toxicity in the help channels.

That really sucks. I guess volunteer mods are few and far between.

I’m not sure what help channels you’re hanging out in, but if you’re referring to ‘Rookie Help’ then this has got to be one of the most incorrect statements I’ve ever seen on these forums. I’m not on my rookie account very long usually, but - 1: I’ve never seen ANY racial, religious, or political insults/threats…ever, 2: spam isn’t tolerated and is dealt with immediately, either by official mods or the players, 3: no ads, whether for corp recruitment, external help sites, or any market “deals,” such as Hypernet raffles are allowed, and are also swiftly dealt with, again by official mods or players.

If you aren’t talking about ‘Rookie Chat’ then be more specific and quit spreading disinformation. You aren’t helping new players.

It’s pretty busy in ‘Rookie Chat’ due to the sheer amount of players in there trying to ask and answer questions. The usual toxicity comes from new players trying to get an answer but don’t because the knowledgeable ones miss the question, as chat flies by fairly quickly.


It’s written on the title : “the help channels”.
If you assume that only “rookie help” can be considered as an help channel, then you are wrong.

And I am actually helping new players, a lot.

There was times when people went in that channel just to find new player and scam them by telling them to go in low sec and then killing them. I had screens of those people showing their activities on an internal forum, like 4 years ago. I gave the screens to CCP and nothing changed.

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Considering ‘Rookie Help’ is the main channel new players find their help in then I am not wrong, and again, you need to specify. Official help channels are moderated, other player-run ‘help’ channels may not be.


No I don’t.

No they are not, just like the forum are globally not moderated.

You may want to tell the mods they aren’t there then. I guess they’re invisible.

Also, telling someone to go to lowsec isn’t against any rules. It may not be very nice, but there are usually people that will explain why it’s not a good idea.


The rookie and other help channels are pretty toxic.

That is what happens if you leave the help duty all to players without moderation or structure. With EvE being a highly competitive game, where players prey on the unaware, and weak, and celebrate the Darwinian laws, no wonder this attitude leaks into channels.

It is like it is, you will not do all too well in EvE, if you get easily offended by the rude tone.


The entire game is pretty toxic, that’s why we here

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That’s literally what toxic is : trying to harm people without being openly aggressive.