The help channels are unusably toxic

if you prefer we can be openly aggressive in high sec

We are talking about the help channels, not the game behavior.

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Sorry, but that’s not toxic behavior. Now, if you’d like to define toxicity as “confrontational dialogue” then I’m all ears.

Telling a new player to go to lowsec so one can blow them up is not toxic behavior. It’s a douchebag predatorial move, and isn’t very nice. Telling someone to shut up because they’re a noob, and to uninstall IS toxic behavior.

Imo it’s great advice to tell them to get out of highsec, you learn so much, I know I did

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Don’t bother wasting your time with that one.

Just keep in mind that the EVE advertising and word of mouth model has a tendency to attract trolls and griefers of all sorts. “Come to the game where you can be bad!” doesn’t really attract all the puppy-rescuing types.

There are some great and helpful people in the help chats, in the forums, in Reddit etc. ‘Read everything carefully’ is actually pretty solid advice in EVE, even if it’s delivered by a douche.

Remember that essentially nothing said by a rando troll on the Internet has anything to do with you personally. They are warped little people trying to make themselves feel bigger by belittling someone else. If you get a bad response, just blow it off because you know the mere fact that they make that kind of response means they are sad, defective little rejects. And/or they are possibly just someone having a bad day and needing to dump some crap on someone else to share the irritation a little.

Helpful people aren’t online 24/7, and sometimes even if they are online they take 10 minutes before they glance at chat and see your question. If I don’t get a helpful answer, I read the info again more carefully, I google it, I check EVE University, etc. Or I just block the trolls, wait 10 minutes and ask again.

TBH, the best thing you can do with the trolls is just block and move on. Pretend nothing they said was even noticeable. It’s generally not far from the truth.

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I don’t get what you thought you understood, but this makes no sense at all.

People come in the help channel to get help.
There are people who are in the help channel, not to help people, but for various reason, each of which are actually harmful to the new players and the game, just not in a obvious way.

That is how you know a person is toxic : the relation it seeks is one where you are at loss.


Yeah, I’m done ranting now. I need another coffee and smoke lol

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It is the best advice possible.

Yes, they are.

I have the English help channel open all the time. I have seen mods step in on several occasions.

And it’s rarely ever toxic. Not sure what the OP’s been smoking.

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As one of the vets spending a lot of time every day on the Rookie Help channel I will go out on a limb here and publicly thank all the other vets and non-vets who are constantly trying to provide new players with information to the best of their abilities and knowledge, in as comfortable and friendly a manner as they can. Helping on the Rookie Help channel can be a rewarding but also an exhausting activity requiring a lot of attention at the expense of one’s own game play. Notwithstanding the title of your post you can still count on us to do our best in welcoming and guiding new people with honest, usable and often very complete answers. Not all answers are guaranteed to be 100% correct, sometimes the pressure to answer is high, against better judgment.

Don’t let a few trolls or toxic people in the channel make you believe that the help channels are unusable. Sure, sometimes the Rookie Help can be quite unruly for a while, many come there to chat and hang out because it is their first and only point of social contact in the game. Who can blame them. We try to deal with that the best we can, by going on with answering questions, if necessary by refering to the channel’s rules, and in extreme cases by filing support tickets.

It’s players helping players, all of us determine the quality of the result. Even with a near non-existent official moderation of the channel, help is available 24/7 for anyone who needs it, if at least one real helper is online. You can count on us.


That does not make it a general case.

Time zones perhaps.

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Help Channel is a general chat channel to many and that’s what it is. Eve is a sandbox.
CCP doesn’t care too much about it. Whether that’s a good thing is up to you.

I find it hilarious that the OP states the following

You are causing a whole drama about a hilarious channel.
I see people here complaining while they themselves are trolling the channel . not going to name people but aheum zoiie, hello!

This afternoon I was in help channel and we talked about camel washing for a living. Apart from that I gave valid answers on certain questions and asked 20 isk for the service. some customers paid , others didn’t. I didn’t cause a drama. Before this reply becomes too long I want add the following:

you probably met MsBloodyMary who is just toxic in the german helpchannel as hell.

CCP let the Helpchats (and the German in particular) go to hell since Years now. No Moderation no ingame or out of game knowwlege Sources like Evelopedia and helpfull descriptions ingame are lacking.
Standard konfiguration of the chat is with big pictures instead of more usefull compact mode on this place.

Carreer Agents are not touched since a Decade (hello NPE 2.0^^) give german skillnames without matching translations, give wrong ships without a fitting, SOE epic arc is to hard for new players in a frig or destroyer, and alltime they dont get the course to Arnon

but you also must understand such a question raises eyebrows… 0.0 and dreads are ships and space where you have player corps who should provide knowlege about that stuff and subcapitals are the larger group of ships and usuall more used shiptypes espacialy in typical new players future.

but yes… you are right… its toxic… it needs A LOT MORE MODERATION over a long period to raise the tone in that channels and throw out the trolls and haters.
just a GM or ISD sitting in the channel would help do cut down some agressiv old players because the dotn want to risk the accounts, if CCP would change the chats o list the GM and ISD on top of the memberlists would also allways waves a hand to the toxic trolls. … if they acutally realy be sometimes active and react to that bad tone.

CCP and Eve got a big problem with helpchannels and the transition between npe(tutorial) an carrieragents/epic arc to the real game and they dont adress it since years now in a manner who realy would help.


Tbh, I do consider the transition from the Aura tutorial to the career agents a very simple nifty test of intelligence. If a first time player can’t handle jumping 1-2 systems, might as well find an easier game.

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the nifty test give you a venture at the end of the tutorial and mining lasers to fit on but the career agents are designed to be in a corvette with at least one gun and miner and more cargospace as a venture have. you have no clear start at those agents to choose and the new player think they choose a future ingame career with it (same with the faction the choose^^) but dont know why and witch to choose (yes thats just simple lack of information call that carreer agents advanced tutorial and give a clear progress trugh it in the agency tutorial section and you solve that simple problem) also switch the last ship they get in the turorial to the combat frig and weapons
they also often dont find sister alitura in arnon… why is this the case? because that stupid game dont teach them to set course, dont set the course for them and also dont show the linked sister and arnon als a destination more as once and you can klick it away^^

i am since YEARS almost DALY in the german helpchat and the transition is crap as hell, the missions need a overhaul for years now and be integrated in the tutorial system in the agency.
(hello CCP Ghost where are you? do you have new Xray Pictures? a new promise about NPE version number something somthing )
shiprewards in the carrermissions are missmatched tor futurre progess for new players, (they get a tackle frig and remote logistic frig who was a mining frig in the past, hell yes its THAT OLD) no pre fitted ships maybee with community fittings and a pointing on them, so they dont see a usefull fit at the start just get empty hulls, no scanfrig for the exploration tutorial because hey we use ships in eve not for there porpouse^^ they often fly out with the civilian analyser and salvager in the real world wondering why they dont work.
sure you could just explode the given ship with civilian modules in the last mission and give them a proper fitted ship with real modules as reward… but that would be to usefull
the epic arc is mostly not doable with the destroyer (and the knowlege they get to fit that thing) and they have not enough money to fit that many guns and modules or rigs nur the knowwlege to fit it.
they get the old destroyers and not the new ones who are clearly more powerfull.
dont get BOTH destroyer and Combat frigs to choose the weapon system they want and have a variaty.

all that is just stupidity² since years now! and the promised npe overhaul never reached that carreragents and missions nor the Epic Arc or the ships and fits or the description or a encuraging story arround all this to get the new players moving along that path.

its a shame

The terribless and toxicity of the help channels differs per day and even more so per time zone.

Late US time zones (3-9am EVE time) has the worst trolls and the most random chatter. Also depends if one or more idiots decided to make troll alts. On top of that people generally start trolling if you ask something they themselves don’t know, call it low self-esteem.

Having been in rookie for well over a decade I can tell you that sometimes it’s nice and your trust in humanity rises, and sometimes it’s so bad you just want to nuke the earth from orbit.

Having said all that: most EVE players are allergic to folks who don’t put in any thinking of their own. All depends on what is asked, how it’s asked and if that person has a positive or negative history in the channel. If that’s the issue here we can’t tell, not having been there.

Someone asking “I haven’t been around for a long time, could someone explain how the ADC differs from a normal DC” is a perfectly valid question because you can’t really understand its use by merely looking at the stats unless you understood that a DC can be a toggle which is a new concept. (Ignoring how way back then it was a toggle, but differently).

We used to have more and more active ISD to police those channels but those have probably been burned out, can’t blame them.

If you have questions you can always mail me, this character is pretty much specifically for helping folks in Rookie so I’m not always online on this one but lots of people mail me with questions, and unless people give off bad vibes (lazy or stupid or have a history of trolling) I’m always happy to help.


yea i know some isd stopped playing and stopping beeing ISD
in german helpchat trolltime starts every friday at about 16-17:00 evetime till sat 21-22::00 also evenings in front of a national hollyday

was asked often to apply to ISD but as long as you have to log in your ISD exclusive its not an option and for me personal its also to late i guess i am deep in the rabbit hole of bittervet.

also the ISD dont get real power to bann people…might can kick them off for some time of the chanel,
dont have special color in the memberlist (allways have to explain why the write in different colors^^)
often dont have power to change motd (who cant be reloadet from players in the new chatsystem) but as i know also dont get a short route to the GM, dont get bannpower, dont get internal tools to identify altaccounts (if they even exist) long time not heared about using alts to work arround chatbans is forbidden and have a strickt ruleset to follow of course^^
its a running gag in german helpchat hearing ISD Gwedilf writing “first Warning” all over the place repeatly^^
the trollst just are quiet for 30m take their alts out untill the isd left and start again even harder
there had to be a 24h moderation i guess for about 3-6month to get that sorted out and later at least in the primetimes of the channels and on national wide hollidays and the day before
there should also be a automatic kick out in place to ged rid of all that alts and rekruiters who dont say a word in the channels and dont be new chars. sure they could work arround with new alts^^

but also to mention ISD are free labor for CCP^^ they abandoned the language channels years ago and dont want to pay for moderation 8well even fired the community team who wasnt moderating the chats anymay). the mods in the chats there would also see the problems new players deal with dalie, or bugs appearing more easy over a month and could report it. carreeragent problems would be solved since years, but they also dont listening to the GM or ISD i think or just dont give a s***

i for my part try to answer such clear questions asap and stop trolling or OT immediatly for the answers. not all players do this and chats not in compact mode also dont help

keep up the good work buddy


Exactly, I understand the possible issues from being able to log in your ISD and normal account at the same time but it’s what keeps me from applying.

I don’t NEED an ISD tag to help people, I don’t NEED to be special by having a different text color. You can help people just fine without all that and in fact it allows me to give non-pc or non-oficial answers at times.

But we need to be able to take care of the unwanted and the unwilling. I don’t care who does it as long as it gets done.