Eve - Development Chat (Discord)

Hello guys,

I am starting a public discord server and invite everyone into it. its purpose is the discussion of eve’s problems, and potential fixes to it. The purpose of using discord over the forums, is to allow people to more freely express their idea’s and positions, and mainly, to have voice chat so we can “feel” the emotional position behind the person. this should help us understand each other better.

common sense rules apply

Hope to see you in chat

Hey, a circus chat! That’s going to end well!



Your welcome to join, we are seeking to employ more clowns in our discussion.

What a fantastic intel gathering exercise!


Nono, we’ve already established that you are my personal clown
and I am going to enjoy every single thing I’m going to with your projects. :slight_smile:


So your the fat elephant then?

Hey Noori, if Wardecs and corp management are ruining player’s enjoyment of EVE if you want Ill let you wardec my corp.

Heck, Ill even make it mutual.


So literally a crying circle…


already a few of us here! come join!

A circlejerk discord server where opposite point of view will be muted?


Also calling it “development server” means literally nothing. Official Forums are better.

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You have not even tried, and i have no issues with opposing opinions. No one will be muted for their opinion, but if you come here with racist, or discriminatory remarks, I will ban you.

This server is for professional conversation.

So, you won’t be referencing “bittervets” then?


I have nothing more to day, either be part of the conversation on discord or don’t i am not interested in arguing, only in bettering eve.

It is your choice to take part of that, just dont do it coming in there with hey you “name here”, you mother flower, you son at the beach, shut the front door! sort of attitude.

Oooooohhhhhh daaaaaammmmnnnnnn iiiiiii like it!

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Rational and emotional… don’t go well together.


We are human, and the sound in the voice has impact on our meaning, and our positions. They help convey hostility, or the lack there of. These subtle influences are not easily recognized in text. You can troll, or you can be hostile, which is which in text? And in voice, they yet remain, easily distinguished.

it is entirely possible to have constructive discussion about state of Eve and potential changes in text. There is no need for emotions when you have sound reasons and logic behind your suggestions while keeping open mind and listen to criticism.

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I think he just wants to do it without moderation from the ISDs closing his threads down for being groundless rants.


Why not join in, hun? He’s writing a lot and it makes sense! :smiley:

Seems unlikely, but further I have no wish to provide free out of game intel to those who would use it against me.

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