Looking for pilots to chat about EVE!

Hello there! I’m Quab, the one and only!

I’m here to post a friendly discord server where all new and old players can come have local chat in a proper community chat. If you’re looking for a bunch of friends to give advice, tips, tell jokes, explain eve mechanics, discuss eve content, give opinions about ships looks or fittings and give you something to do while that 45 days skills trains up, look no further!

We want 18+ years old people with positive / playful manners; whiners, beggars, sensitive, spammers and etc. won’t last long but beside that, everyone is welcome!

I’m not sure where I should be posting this, so I’ll post it in some of eves forums expecting people sees the post.

https://discord.gg/SBXdXcE <- Come join us!


Bump FTW!

Come on guys, get in and give us a hi! :wink:

moved to a more suitable forum for recruitment, though a bit odd one.

Also you mention posting in other forums, if posting same topic in multiple areas of these forums please don’t.


TYVM to Norros for putting this in the proper place!

Still looking for peeps looking for friends.

Last bump.

If you hadn’t join us, you’re still on time! come over!

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