1000 to 1400 Eve

I would like to fly with others but I am having trouble finding others who fly at the same time. I am in game from approximately 1000 to 1400 Eve time. If you also play during these hours please let me know. I am interested in talking at the least. If I am not in game please send me mail and I will return the contact when I am. Usually after the break I fix and eat breakfast but I can play all day if I want. I am a 75m sp player and have a brother with 65m sp and we are both PVE focused, not PVP. I have been living in HS in my own home (Azbel) but am willing to live anywhere.


Hey brother would love to chat with you! Come join our discord as I think you would fit in with us great.

Hey Zeekwiz

Come check out our official recruitment post. We got some EU payers and myself who play early EU and in AU timezones. We might have what you and your brother are looking for so give the link a read. There is info on how to get ahold of us via discord!

I look forward to chatting with you!


just take a look :dancer:

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