Toxicity and dealing with it

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As far as I know, internet has turned a very dark place to be in, as a sensitive person. Now, EVE might not be the “right game” for my type of personality, but brings me fun no other game does.
I don’t mind losing a ship. Happens.
I don’t mind being ganked. Should known better.
However… The insults from “vets” are kinda questionable.
As you may have seen everywhere, there are many, many, many toxic players wanting nothing more, but to bring turmoil.
I kind of understand the basic concept of why is that happening.
Now… You don’t agree with them? You’re bad!
You don’t do things way they do? Bad, bad, bad, you should feel bad.
I posted a few posts on facebook, no surprise what people wrote. Mostly, I take steps to not engage with them.
Most of them are like - hey, you don’t listen to us? Well, then you are bad. Mind me that word “bad” is actually the minimum of terms used.
I’m not necessarily. whinning about it. It’s way how society works.
However… How is CCP dealing with toxic people? I mean… they are the very reason many new players leave the game.
How do you deal with them?

I don’t call people toxic necessarily… They have their means of communication, and are probly hurting somewhere, and thus, are projecting their pain onto others.
But it makes me sad at times, not gonna lie. And actually, discouraged to pay for omega.


Anonymity on the internet is a great case study as to why libertarianism and other like ideologies that assume people let loose in an unregulated system will show their inherent goodness are a complete lie.

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Anonymity has nothing to do with it. Just look at Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks where you see tons of toxicity from real names, addresses, contact info and so on.

They ignore them. Evidenced by their crappy coding quality, because most “toxic” behavior only aims to make the game better, but CCP adamantly ignores them.

Ignore then. Or have fun with them when you are bored. Most of these “toxic” people are really easily riled up and cornered into a corner where they turn into clowns and then you can have an amusing afternoon.

You do know that you are playing a game that revolves first and foremost around destruction, bringing death, ruining other people’s day and generally making them feel miserable, right? If you can’t deal with verbal abuse, why would you play a game that wants to pull out the worst of the worst of human emotions, sentiments, desires and urges?


Very situational. It really depends on what you’re referring to as toxic.

Having an opinion on how something is best done is not what I’d call toxic. Calling someone bad at the game isn’t either.

And calling people bad because they do things inefficiently, or even just cause they don’t think like the rest of us came long before the Internet.

Since when do you care and take seriously what others think or say in a video game ?!
Be you, do your thing and move on .

Completely agree some people are very toxic. Like the guys who start raging in local when you warp to the same anomaly they are at then pew the rats more efficiently than them. Or people who leave their garbage around and when you clean up space by salvaging and looting their scattered garbage they throw a tamper tantrum. Let’s not get started on people and their reaction when you pop their MTUs which were making warp lanes insecure and instead of thanking you for removing these environmental hazards to the the safe warp travel in New Eden they wish you the worst things.


But joke aside such people often express their desire for you and your family to experience the worst real-life things imaginable including the world wide situation of these times. So yes some people are very toxic over space pixels. People who get upset over a vid’ya game should learn to get a grip.


Those systems are not anonymous.

I deal with toxic people on Dota 2 on a daily basis.

Does Valve do anything? Of course not. I get joined with them a couple days later and i deal with the same toxic behavior.

“stop feeding the courier”
“stop feeding yourself”
“stop using sprout on me”
“just go AFK you suck”
“your mother shouldve aborted you”

Do you think Valve does anything to toxic people on Dota 2? Theyre there every day. And thats the thing. Every game has toxic people. You will always encounter toxic people. And the more competitive the game, the more toxic the people become.

And eve is as competitive as it gets.

Nothing. Its just words. Do I think that a 13 year old kid threatening to kill me over Dota 2 is actually going to do anything? Of course not.

No Mining Permit?

I missed something in your post my man.

How this people are delivering the toxicity to you in a way you cannot avoid?

I think you would do better to identify toxic behavior. Labeling “people” as toxic is a bit much and seems to close the door on the idea of correcting the behavior.

One way CCP is dealling with toxic behavior is to not allow forum users to gloat about “that time they blew up your ship” on the forum. And you probably better be careful about political and sexual discussion in local chat. Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

CCP is more interested in maintaining its current player base than keeping new players I think.

IDK where you got this “inherent goodness” idea. I don’t think that is the general basis at all. I think the general basis is that if you have to rely on your neighbors for survival and protection, you will be far less likely to sabotage them and far more likely to cooperate with them even beyond just “keeping the peace”.

Also, I think the number of people using the internet to be toxic is a rather small percentage of people compared to those who use the internet to just get information or connect with friends and family or watch funny cat vids. I am pretty sure most people who have internet access are still just going about their real life business and not even thinking to use anonymity to be a douche. In other words, I don’t think toxic behavior on the net is representative of much. Its just that the loudest people tend to get the attention.

When you think of Libertarianism I think you should look into history rather than look at today. If what you say is true, I scarcely think humanity could have survived at all in their scattered villages. In those times, we knew who the jerks were in our communities. The problem is that with all the reliance we have on massive systems operated by people we never met, we don’t know who the jerks are anymore or we find out too late. We have similar troubles over the internet, trying to determine sheer douchebaggery through text alone…the clues are sparse. This is why scoots can just jump into a thread and scream “Troll!” and slink away and people are scratching their heads about it.


Often times when I kill someone and they are a newer player, I will send them a convo. I am usually pretty friendly after killing someone, but I am more often than not met with a ton of salt. When that happens I will get a tad testy, so maybe it’s something you said?

I’ve met very very few legitimate toxic players. You will find people trash talking others in local (you can always block people, I do it all the time), but that is just part of the game. If someone is really bothering you, go blow them up and the flow of salt should reverse!

Thank you everyone for the input.
Now, the vet player base is somehow concervative.
I help people when I can, not really being salty, or giving fks around.
Mostly, I’m able to deal with toxic behaviour, but you know… It’s getting me sad slowly.
Sharing a success story is almost a big no, since many are very discouraging you from continuing.
When I was younger, I was totally toxic. I would you know… spit anger and rage everywhere. Now I’m doing that In defense, and only after people breaking the boundaries. Not to say that many toxic encounters are paradoxically enriching for me, as they allow me to further set boundaries, and become more resilient.


I gloat about your Gnosis all the time.

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I already knew you were delusional but that’s just more proof. You had nothing to do with it thus no basis to gloat or be punished for it. Plus, it was a clearly defenseless mining ship gang attacked by a pack of losers for no reason. Yes, I know you would gloat about that, but that is just more evidence of your delusions.

But hey, you got the attention you were pining for. Congratulations.


What’s really ironic is how CCP keeps promoting their ‘Friendship’ BS yet they continuously propagate a toxic environment.


Its a lot like governments pushing nationalism and xenophobia at the same time so they can get and continue the wars they crave. It is indeed ironic if you think deeply about it. Their message seems to be “There are hateful people out there, so join with some people out there for friendship and defense!”


The mute function exist’s and is the best offence as being heard is literally all toxic people crave.

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In my experience, online and at events, CCP are unfailingly positive and happy. They set a good example.

Yeah, there are crazy troll jerks pushing buttons in this game and everywhere else, but there are also happy people having fun they want to share in this game and everywhere else.

Just find some good people and share, and mute the jerks.


Laugh and feel sorry for them because they were likely dropped on their heads as babies.