I created an account a long time ago, but never played it. I just ended my play in another game that claims to take inspiration from EVE. That game suffered from in-your-face blatant toxicity. I searched EVE with toxicity and found quite a bit.

Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with toxicity. If people want to be toxic on forum, that’s fine. If people want to be toxic in game, that is still fine. I deal with them through circumnavigation using designed strategies. This is part of the fun.

One type of toxicity I cannot circumnavigate or counter is something that the game company itself engages in. Because they know where I am and what I am doing at all times, should they or their proxies/agents/bots decide to take me down, for profit or for any other reason, they could and there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s a degree of this in most F2P games, and I can understand the real life economic reasons for it. How noticeable is this a problem in EVE? Do you suffer frequent deaths from coincidences? Do you die often from things that are seemingly beyond normal game mechanics, but because it happened so quick, you assumed it to be your own mistake?

Comments and toxicities are welcome. I rather get bitten now than after I dip my toes in.

Toxicity?! In MY eve??!!

Oh my stars and garters! Perish the thought!

As it is today is weak compared to what it once was. You missed the best/worst.

Sooo…you are implying ccp destroys you for profit?

I predict you won’t stay long, even though the *sniff “toxicity” level is much less than once was.


Can you explain this a bit more? Or are you just crying for attention?

I am asking: do they? I would understand if they do, it’s a matter of degree I am concerned with. I would also understand if you don’t know if they do.

…because it mostly is…


@Scoots Choo

I am new here and don’t know anyone. I don’t crave attention. Only thinking if I should try this game. It’s a once bitten, twice shy sort of thing.

Like I said the other game was inspired by this. Did they take their toxicity from here?

Unless you’re in some tiny game being written and run by like 2 guys with too much time on their hands, no real game company anywhere is even likely to be aware of your existence. Much less use special game mechanics to mess with you.

Either a weird way to start a troll thread, or one of the most paranoid takes on “things that happen in the game” I’ve ever read.

No, nobody at CCP will ‘take you down’. But yes, there will be many odd things ‘seemingly beyond normal game mechanics’ that you will die to, because you won’t understand what 3/4 of the actual game mechanics are for quite some time yet.


Mostly! How much beyond normal mechanics in those not so mostly situations?

It really depends on how thin your own skin is, tbh. No one knows that better than yourself.

Going by steam charts, this game doesn’t look huge. Back in the days, I had no trouble with UO or WOW. No observed toxicity in those even when I didn’t know anything about their game mechanics.

I did cry early in UO when I got robbed. It was the first game I played where criminality was allowed and I was shocked. Once understood, they could rob me as much as they wanted. But they never did get much out of me.

My skin is ultra thick plus a second layer of the same. But I don’t understand the relevance.

Pre- greased Drama Wheels

Steam charts only counts players that use the Steam launcher to play EVE, which in and of itself is a minority, but even from those only the ones who haven’t switched to the standalone launcher yet, so the player numbers according to Steam charts is far from the actual numbers. Just a heads up.

Btw just FYI I’ve played through Steam for like two years and only recently switched to standalone (the upside of the Steam version is access to the Steam overlay the upside of the standalone is, well, it is standalone thus you don’t need to run Steam to run EVE).

In general to answer your question if you pay attention, do your research and use your brain you should be able to avoid most dangers without issue, may it be other players or NPCs. Never heard of the devs ever picking on anyone, unless you count the botters teleported to their doom, but I count that as a good thing. :wink: So unless you intend to bot or break the rules in general the devs / GMs should not bother you.



  • OP appears to be suffering from paranoia.
  • OP is not actually a new player.
  • one, both, or none of the above two

Alternate option: OP is a minmatar citizen. That explains everything. :stuck_out_tongue:


What if you play too well? Something has to be done, right? Otherwise you’d end up with a monster.

This. I am too scared to waste my time.

I knew nothing about the game. Must have clicked on it randomly 5 years ago.

Your saying you have not played the game much or at all yet so I am not sure what you are implying that CCP is messing with you or us as the players? You got to remember part of CCP’s job is to think of clever ways to make us all die both to the game itself and other players to keep the game interesting, challenging and engaging between it’s players and the game.

Is it hard, harsh or even downright unfair sometimes? Sure. Does CCP mess with players sometimes? Who knows, my guess is probably. There is a lot of players messing with CCP too so can’t expect them to not take the clean gloves off sometimes and get their hands dirty dealing with those they think deserve their attention.

The game itself is very complex, in some ways even CCP is an opponent you have to watch out for. Find something that works to your advantage you may find they one day change that because they simply feel it to be unfair to everyone else or maybe you have been messing around and just had it coming.

Sometimes I feel like that but I also understand it is CCP’s game and they are the game masters so ultimately they make the rules we play by but they govern themselves however they want in that regard. Doesn’t always work out to the best of the players but maybe that isn’t always necessarily the case or a bad thing either if it means keeping the game real in a way that was needed.

I don’t think they are getting laughs on making players die for seemingly no reason though. Who knows though maybe there is a rogue programmer throwing a wrench into the machine sometimes in a way that nobody really notices or can’t easily be simply explained as being intentional. CCP and it’s players interact in a lot of different ways, maybe CCP isn’t the only ones to blame whenever something happens that gains our suspicions.

Funny thing this reminded me of when I first started playing this game I went into low sec with a mining venture looking for some rarer ore and when I got to an asteroid belt someone decloaked and when I tried to run for my life being the inexperienced newb I was instead I found myself quickly ejected from my ship and warping to my destination. Shocked, I thought the game was broken and because I was stuck in combat the only option to warp away was leaving my ship as a pod and escaping.

To my surprise the player knew right away I had no clue what I was doing and sent me a size able chunk of ISK for my troubles as they were probably hunting for a more exciting target when they realized I was trying to obtain something required for a tutorial mission.

Anyways, you play, you learn. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out but if you don’t give up eventually you find your way forward.

I would classify that a probable dev intervention. I rather like games with no intervention but good macro-world/law design.