Fair Play Alliance

I take it that the age of “Harden the ■■■■ Up” is long gone. What should we expect in the future from your participation in this, CCP?

Nothing CCP don’t give a castlemain xxxx.


It’s funny to me, being older, and with less fks to give than when I was younger. I am often impressed by the level of thin skinned, whiny, crybabies there are in the world today. In a world where we have men who are as I call them “Lumbersexual” they look like lumberjacks, the have tats, beards, and dress rugged, but couldnt change a tire on their Prius if it got one. Then we have people crying about gun violence, but it has been around since guns have been around. Or how TV/Videogames/Music is effecting our youth, instead of looking at the true root of the issue, the lack of real parenting.

And Blizzard has been soft since they came out. And Twitch is just trying to CYOA. Fact is Twitch, is on the way out, and they know it.


The guy in that commercial was Goose from the movie Mad Max… AWESOME!

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I couldn’t picture Eve without a toxic culture. Honestly it’s one of the things I like about it the most. I truly and utterly despise the idea that one should be politically correct.

Kind of fits with the sandbox theme too, if you think about it.

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Damn well thats me not using my 2 seater flying mount anymore, used to eject people from high up then blizzard gave them parachutes, so i changed tactic and ejected them over the other factions base so they get killed repeatedly, now i’ll probably get a ban for being a mean b*****d


It will be interesting to see if it is industry wide, CCP and Eve online will stand out even more if that were to happen.

‘Toxic’ behavior is usually the reaction to an instigator… who is NEVER punished in ANY of these systems.

Also, I LOVE the time and money these idiots spend investing in ways to PREVENT paying customers. Could you imagine a bank, a McDonald’s, a Walmart having people at the door:

“sorry sir, you aren’t allowed to spend money here… you used a bad word…” Lol!

Trying to eliminate human nature in a competitive context, lol.


they already had to give up Gambling with the EU rules that came out and their ever losing fight with RMT bots

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“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.”
I still see this around my part of the world.
Sunday sales of of alcohol is still not a thing around here either.
And I personally remember the owner of an establishment where I worked as a teen refuse to accept certain people as customers (not in a racist or sexist way, more of a Please-don’t-return-here-you-are-no-longer-welcome sort of way).

Though I don’t completely disagree with you.
In video games, anonymity has it’s place.
And the the article does explain that context is important.

What they don’t say they do is look at the differences between games.
In EvE, the outside-the-game metagme is an accepted part of the game… to a point.

It’s that point, that I would like (but don’t expect) to see uncovered.

–Gadget will see where this goes

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I can just say “hi” and I’ll have people throwing shite at me for being me lol

Salvos is a prime example


I Posted this on reddit but it’s relevant to this thread. I actually consider Eve to be less toxic then most other online communities. Sure we gank, kill, scam each other with impunity but that’s just the way the game is played. Most of the time (not always) if you’re on the victim end of something like that and you simply behave like an adult, give an honest “GF” and ask for advice for next time, over half the time you will get some honest advice and instruction on what you did wrong and how to avoid that situation in the future (especially if it’s obvious you’re a newbro). Sometimes you will even get invites to join a corp or even refunded. On the other hand if you cry, whine, complain, ask for or demand a refund, place a pointless bounty, etc. then everyone that finds out about it will eagerly and gladly harvest your salty tears then laugh as you run away to play a game with a ‘friendlier’ community.

Of course most of those games are full of people who will lie/cheat/steal as much as the games rules allow (just like Eve) and then won’t own up to their own mistakes when things go wrong and blame everyone else for their losses instead of admitting they either messed up or the other guy was simply better. I think that the ‘brutal’ nature of the Eve community weeds out most of the toxic players. It’s not flawless of course, lots of toxic players do survive and become part of the Eve community. There is no way to prevent that with any online game. However ultimately after the battles and fights are over, despite the propaganda and smack talk, we usually laugh over the crazy stuff that happened together, congratulate each other for what was done right, and help each other improve on what was done wrong. We’re all Eve players, part of the Eve community, doesn’t matter if you’re TEST, PanFam, or even a high-sec miner… except goons of course! GRR GONZ HAT GONZ! (c;


Well, EVE had an average player age of 33(?) a few years ago and was also wildly regarded as the most mature and most intelligent gaming community. However, with CCP dumbing EVE down that has dramatically changed. Especially the drop in average intelligence is really obvious.

Prepare for tough times ahead.


I would sadly in away disagree with you on that. Yes allot of players in eve are 30+ something but saying that eve community is mature and intelligent is a right out lie I played this game on and off sense 2007 and I seen allot of time men in there 30-40 behave like children. I seen call of duty players more mature than some eve players. No I´m not saying every one is bad, but damn during my time in eve I seen allot of adult men behave like kids in this game even in this forum people can be real immature when they don´t agree with something. Heck allot of time I seen people insult others and started fights when they don´t agree with what some one else thinks EVE community can be as nasty as any other MMO out there so no I would disagree with you

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I only started playing when Alpha clones were released last year (Alpha clones are the main reason I tried Eve so they were a success for me at least). In that time it appears CCP has done things to make Eve easier to get into (Alpha clones, better tutorial, The Agency) but I don’t consider these things “dumbing down” Eve. Dumbing down would be taking away all ganking in high-sec, making scams illegal, preventing a stronger fleet from attacking a weaker one, and all the other “mean” things we do frequently in Eve that are illegal in most other games.

Even skill injectors don’t as far as I’m concerned. Sure it makes it possible for someone to theoretically spend thousands of dollars and jump into a rorqual/carrier/titan on day one, however character skill means nothing without player skill. Most players that do stuff like that will quickly lose their blingy ship. Then they’ll either get upset that Eve isn’t P2W (despite what some players keep claiming) and we harvest the salt as they leave or they grow up and start learning the game by dying in cheaper ships like the rest of us.

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Eve is P2W…
Play 2 Win… HAHA… I made a funny.

Or it is B2W…
Blob 2 win…

You’d understand what I mean if you had played EVE pre-2013. The current trend has started after Incarna, but accelerated greatly after CCP Seagull became executive producer and it’s driven out plenty of veterans.


This is what I said on twitter about that:

I think that is still valid based on core eve mechanic of loss, that requires a level of resiliency that many gamers don’t have. Otherwise there wouldn’t be all those whines about bumping/ganking/wardecs. Then there’s over the top toxic behavior that it shouldn’t need to apply to

You get in a fight, ships/structures blow up, everyone says GF, and heck there will probably be some trashtalk in local and a reddit thread. that’s people that have HTFU in them. Everyone takes the fight and accepts the losses that can result from it, and can joke about it. Some of them will probably see someone from the other side at an eve meet somewhere and have a beer while talking about what happened on each side during the fight.

You get in a fight, blow someone up, and get your whole corp to evemail them “lol you suck, insert offensive slur here” well they shouldn’t have to HTFU over that. There are at least a few things wrong here, first should be the most obvious using a slur. Second it’s coordinating multiple people to target one person.


Can you provide me with any examples? As I said I’m relatively new and am only really familiar with changes done the past year.

I started in mid 2014, and it changed for the worse imo

So many dumb changes