Welcome to Space Griefing AKA Eve Online

For those of you who are new to Eve Online, we, the older players, wish to properly welcome you. What you need to know is this:

Eve is a PVP game - when you undock, you might be blown out of the stars by anyone else, and they will laugh hysterically, and all of us will think it is hilarious. We will laugh even harder if you post how unfair it is, you did not want to PVP, people should be left alone, or anything like that.

If you are not OK with that, you are playing the wrong game. Eve Online was created by Icelanders descended from Vikings. The entire game is created to be a bloodbath in space. They love it that way. We love it that way. It’s going to stay that way.

High sec has some mechanics that make it complicated to blow up your ship, but it is not impossible. It will be blown up despite the appearance that there are police and a punishment system. There really is not. The police are corrupt and the punishment system is financially overcome by looting your wreck.

Eve is a game of space piracy. You can be a pirate, or you can be pirate’s prey. Those are your only choices.

Those of us who play alone or live in hi-sec and enjoy our gaming use the threat of other players attacking us to make the game more exciting. For myself, I enjoy shooting at rats in the game knowing that any second I could be ganked and my stuff stolen from me. It makes it more exciting. It’s incredibly boring to shoot at rats in empty systems with no threat of violence.

We counter the gankers by watching local, marking gank alliances red, parking alts on gates on the edge of the system we are in, scouting ahead, and watching for others to scan our ships to determine their worth. We sometimes switch up our fits to brick tanks so the gankers’ calculators fail them and their gank gives us loot to collect. We snoop around and follow people to see who they are. We mark our local friendlies so we clearly see new people arriving we don’t know. We never trust our local friendlies nor anyone else knowing they could be scouts and betray us.

We counter the scammers by not believing someone will double our ISK or that the hypernet auction is not rigged to steal our money. We don’t start talking with strangers and send them the fit of our ship when they ask.

We accept ship destruction and defeat with dignity and quite a lot of giggling.

That’s how this game is played. If you ask us to change that basic fact of Eve Online, you sound like someone asking for chess players to double the number of pawns or declare every other square a safe zone.

No. It will not happen. New Eden is like an African Savannah. There are lions over there. You can join them. Or you can play at Zebra. Eventually, everyone dies being eaten alive.

We know you are surprised at the ruthless, naked brutality of Eve Online and the lack of empathy and compassion we show for your losses. We don’t care. We were surprised as well. We got over it. Either get over it, or leave.

We are already hunting you. Your time is coming.


Or telling Mahjong players to take honor tiles out of the set. :joy:


Someone should hunt incursion runners more as we are the definition of HS carebear sheep flying multibillion mauraders sometimes with officer guns.


Sometimes? lol

We don’t get ganked while running like ever…

I imagine your odds of survival in a group like that are pretty high though…

Yah it’s pretty hard to get ganked in HQs. :sweat_smile:

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Well yeah. They’d need the extra extra people to kill the logis, the booster, etc lol.

I am not knocking setup mind you. I can see and do that in fw. I give up a few lp when people say we can all die alone… Or we can be 5 peeps splitting this and that wt will think really hard about taking the acc gate.

And if they come in well bad news for them is we want the lp annd pvp and down goes the new guest hopefully.

Really? Awesome!! :blush:

Thanks for the coffee, cupcake and all but I’ll manage. If I have questions I can find answers online :slightly_smiling_face:
G’day, sir.

OP why was your post so unnecessarily warm, welcoming, and friendly? Did someone forget to piss into your cereal this morning.

I thought that is when you wake up and pour beer onto your cornflakes?

Is that what that means?

I’m sure some gankers did try but failed badly

I do think he missed out a group, I’ve seen a rising number of groups working together of late and taking out these so called pirates and war decers, people attacking bot in Fw run by unscrupulous null blocs.

Maybe the hunter will become the hunted

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At last someone gets the whole idea of Eve. People choose to be either predator or prey…or sometimes both at the same time. There is no escaping this. You can’t just sit there in space, mining or doing anything else, with a ‘leave me alone, I’m chilling out’ stance…any more than a zebra at a watering hole can sensibly have a ’ go away alligators…I’m chilling’ sign above it.

Far from condemning the predators as ‘griefers’, people should be praising them for providing the exciting content that makes the game exciting. The fact that nowhere is safe is precisely what Eve is all about. And long may that continue.


Choose a starter system, any starter system, apply this logic and see how far you get.

Why do all of you 31337 PvP types forget that ganking in a starter system is pretty much %100 instant ban?

I am in Jita 4-4, right now. You can force my forum warrior ass out anytime you want.

No one likes to play with cowards.

Not so glib when its a fair fight eh?

I don’t know what you mean by that.

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No it isn’t. Only ‘rookies’…players under 30 days old…are protected in starter systems. Anyone else can be ganked the same as anywhere else. Look…here CCP even says so…

Naw…I was far too busy getting 34 multibox kills in lowsec and nullsec yesterday, and 59 on the previous mission. Rapidly heading towards 2 Trillion ISK of kills on killboard between my chars. Why would I want to waste my time on you ?