Shooting player’s spaceships in EvE is not toxic behavior

Shooting player’s spaceships in EvE is not toxic behavior.

I am amazed at the number of threads that I see everyday in the forums that revolve around that notion that it is toxic behavior to shoot people’s spaceships in EvE.

The whole EvE game revolves around spaceship battles. Attacking someone with my breacher is not toxic behavior. Sneaking up on your mining ship with my hound and launching as many torpedoes into you as I can is not toxic behavior.

If I am playing basketball with you, is it toxic behavior to try to block my shots, or is it part of the game? If I am playing chess with you, is it toxic behavior to try to capture my pieces, or is it part of the game?

Attacking player’s spaceships is the main gameplay that EvE revolves around. Part of the skill of being an EvE player is recognizing when an attacking is shaping up, and either running away, or setting up a situation where the player has the advantage and can win. EvE is a very complex game. It is too complex for things to be even close to being fair most of the time. I have been suckered into unfair fights, and had my ship shot out from under me. That was not toxic.

If you afk mine, or autopilot, it is not toxic for someone to attack you in high sec space. If you are autopiloting a ship with almost no tank to Jita with researched BPO’s in it, and you are ganked, it is your fault, and the ganker is not being toxic.

If someone shoots your ship with your researched BPO in it, and you loose your temper and threaten to punch your attacker’s puppy or kick their kitten in real life, YOU are the one who is toxic, not the person who attacked your ship.

It is not toxic to attack someone else’s space ship in EvE, even if they are mining, hauling, running missions, trying to take a short-cut through low sec, or even if they are in their fully blinged out marauder and the attackers are in just a punch of cheap destroyers.

Please don’t claim that people who start spaceship fights in a spaceship fighting game are toxic because they started a fight.

That is all. Thank you for reading my little rant. If you think I’m wrong, please tell me why.


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Me shooting other spaceships is ok, others shoting mine is not ok.


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Are you flirting with me Destiny?

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Thank you Nana, you summed up my whole post in one sentence I think.

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Its just what anyone would say really, given this game opportunities.

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I did not consent to PVP. They can go to the PVP server if they want to be toxic.


Hmm, place must be swarming with them then.

Can you link 3 threads currently active on this issue?

From what I can see, over 10,000 ships a day are destroyed in PvP. Given the nature of humans, I’m pretty sure in that case you’re going to see a hundred or two of those kills result in an angry human cursing and swearing.

I’m also pretty sure you’ll see a number of those fights are won by players who are just as toxic as the targets.

It’s a pretty common thing to run into when you have any situation where humans are interacting with each other in an aggressive fashion.

If you’re not up to dealing with the occasional angry human, perhaps spaceship fighting games aren’t really your thing.

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currently EVE favors the gankers as the ganker can kill you, his alt can take the loot and that’s that… No repercussions for the ganker apart from the wrist slap with a sec status hit…

Op is using strange analogy with chess and basketball cause he describes a fair game. However ganking / griefing is doing the same but with a sledgehammer and then the cops showing up and telling you not to do it again cause you are a bad boy… :raccoon:

Domi vs Domi is fair game, even if outnumbered, however 10 catalysts popping some random dude in Uedama or Balle does not make sense and kinda drives away legitimate players that would rather opt for that kind of gameplay then to go to 0.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my personal view of things, even though I do tend to be the catalyst sometimes :smiley:


What the OP means, is that no one should complain about grieving new players in highsec while they undock because he doesn’t have the nerve or skill to go shoot people’s spaceships in dangerous low sec or Null. that would require him to have a roaming fleet or go solo and be ganked himself by a small fleet.

These “pvp” people, just the highsec carebear pvp types, don’t actually have any skill, they just use a spreadsheet or shoot rookie ships. They don’t actually do any pvp, they just gank people who can’t fight back, they don’t take fights they could lose.

This isn’t pvp this is grieving, even if it is allowed. if it were actual pvp you wanted, you can find loads of it and thousands of people who do it everyday. You don’t want fleet battles or Blops, you want that guaranteed kill on someone you can’t lose to. That is what makes it toxic and pathetic. There is no shortage of pvp, there is just a shortage of options for that sure win with little to no risk of actual loss to yourself.


I thought PvP is allowed in Highsec?

I’m confused about the rules?


It is a fair game, you are free to use the same ships/skills/tactics and shoot the same targets as they do, nothing in the game mechanics is preventing you! The fact that you choose not to do so doesn’t make the game unfair, but you may want to revisit that choice…


not saying its not, Im saying for example 10 catalysts on a, lets say, badger, that belongs to a rookie player is a sledgehammer. Sure, can exist, but the penalty that the ganker experiences should be WAY higher then a sec status hit… Id say the ganker should experience a big, fat, juicy wallet hit as penalty :slight_smile: 25x the value of his ship with mods… If the catalyst is 2m with meta mods, then 50m taxation on suicide ganks… + massive sec status hit + police response time in hi sec to be the same all over the place as it is defined for a 1.0 system :smiley:

That kinda seems fair and allows the ganker to rethink, will he go for the big boats or the small ones that belong to starter players.

You wanna make some isk in a gank? You front up some isk for the gank!!!

Honk if you agree!!!


That makes no sense?

Why would anyone pay 25x the value of a ship?

Nobody would gank if that were the rules?

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of course the would, just bigger targets :slight_smile: the poor guy who aint got ■■■■ would not be affected and can peacefully build up for future endevours

Do you think CCP will do this?

of course not, the more isk people lose in ganks, the quicker they opt for the plex via credit card

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Ok,so Highsec ganking will continue without your permission?


Hello Kezrai,

I will be quick rather than in-depth, and give you one fast one. Wading through this thread: A Open Letter to CCP and Players, changes need to be made for good was what made me pen my little rant. Most of the other treads that I read that bring up the toxicity of PvP in EvE get moved to the Nerf Ganking Megathread (Nerf Ganking Megathread - #5705 by Geminus_Duolphus).

If PvP is toxic, should PvPers be arrested in real life?

Is video game PvP an IRL cybercrime?

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