Logging In (Steps to EvE Greatness)

Inspired by @Githany_Red @Cilla_Cybin and @Dracvlad , I have decided to document my EvE misadventures, by starting a new forum thread for each mouseclick in my space failure. You can come here to learn when I jump a gate, or update my skill queue.

Each milestone will be celebrated with yet another separate thread. This will ensure that I spam the forums with maximum efficiency, because people have a right to know about every fleet I join. I will also keep you entertained with witty stories about my glory days, when I once visited nullsec and whored on a titan killmail.

I thought about starting a blog, so that I could keep track of all my misadventures in one location, but I instead decided that forums are the best place to inform people who don’t care about every little thought and action.

Stay tuned as I login, and expect a new update as I spin a ship.



I discovered this button, lurking on the side of my screen. It’s yellow, so that signifies caution, and I will avoid clicking it until I complete at least 15 full theorycraft threads about the optimal and most effective way to defeat my enemies.


when is update i need now pls


How do I use Projekt Discuvery to win money?

Stay tuned for riveting and entirely believable claims about the anticipated inevitable success of my SECRET MYSTERY MAIN, who may or may not be doing something.


I would tell you who my secret mystery main is, because that would surely impress you, but I don’t have to tell you and I prefer to laugh at you from a hidden spot.


If Aiko…actually uses that…undock button…I think…I might know…who her main might…be…

I have never experienced the absolute need to be murdered by anyone as I have felt with my recent exposure to these “ladies”. I am following their killboards and making my way to their hunting grounds. May the gods guide me to their gun sights. Sweet release awaits.


Who? Gloves? :wink:

If you want to be killed by a tsundere, go to Aiko. If you want the yandere experience, then go for Uwu Jonestown.

And if yangire is what you’re looking for, my door is the one with the gunshot hole through the peephole, and the pool of fresh blood slowly making its way out from underneath.

I heed your call and venture your way, time my lady is all is ask.

Well hurry up. This fireplace poker isn’t going to stay hot forever.

23 jumps away, I leave the safety of my lawless land to feel the holy embrace you offer. wish me well, that my capsule destruction be at your hands rather than those of a filthy rat.

Send me isk.


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As you wish. Please have mercy upon me as I am but a poor newbro lacking the isk you deserve.

As…a beta…male. I approve…the…use of…ellipses.

Also, Aiko…please…tell us…who your…secret…mystery…main is.

Okay send me money.

I get it; this is the punishment section.
It would be a crime to miss the next update.

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