New to ganking - thanks for everyone’s cooperation Pt2

As i wet me feet in capsuleer sauce, i am reminded of the calling that inspired me to join the fight and seek justice in hi sec…

Aiko Danuja and her hero agents, tirelessly scouring her lands purifying it from the poor miner rats that have cume to infest it and bring about plague and foulness to what was once beautiful gardens of space treasure

This foulness and disease has corrupted even concord, who are now malfunctioning rouge bots, assaulting eve’s true police force.

I like so many others, have heard the call and stand to serve Aiko in her fight against criminals who seek to take what is hers by birthright.

I commend those willing victims who continue to allow me to practice shooting them. Their sacrifice is a win for justice!

There, I fixed it.

Miners are not poor, well many have time on their side.

Rich with time to mine!


This is the reason I must comply with the regulations!

That’s the funniest piece of fantasy that i have read all week!

Thank god, another thread about ganking.


Cool story bro

Yes, the living story of our saviorette is quite amazing, yet comforting

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