Possible fix to the Bounty system?

A player, if so inclined can put a bounty on a specific player and ship type and a time limit, up to the price of the ship hull. That player would then give concord the money, plus fees and they would hold on to it until someone completes the task, or time runs out. If time runs out the money goes back to the player who placed the bounty minus fees. If hundreds of people put bounties on the same player there could be some problems. Perhaps there is a way around that by standardizing bounty prices for a particular ship and then each bounty placed would just count as another tick in that particular slot. Thoughts?

If you could receive a bounty payout that is worth the same as the ships hull, friends would kill each other and collect the insurance on top of the bounty.


Fair point, that would have to be accounted for.

And, after you’ve accounted for it, what you’re left with is a system that is functionally identical to the one we have now.


No it can’t be fixed. If it gives a meaningful payout it’ll be abused and gamed. If it somehow makes the player a valid target where CONCORD will look the other way, it’ll be abused and gamed.

Sadly it’s one of those things that can never really work.

One suggestion was to limit Bountying in a way that you can only put it on players with negative security status and that it would create kill rights on these players. However, that would go against what CCP originally intended the bounty to be: to put a price on anyone for any reason at any time.


the bounty system is for butt hurt people hurt by others in game

IF the bounty system was for those who do harm then this is part 1 of a system that works

gank = get bounty
buy bounty have x time to claim

the whole bounty system could be a great part of eve IF IF ccp just invested a little time in how it could progress

then there would be a system that could work but ccp are ass hats and only do a half ass fixes cause a full fix would take time ccp is not willing to invest.

using skills also both parties could have a great mini game

lets say bounty hunter buys kill has max skills and max standings with NPC corp can use locator agent find bounty can also know what ship and if online

bounty person max skills
can be warned of bounty hunter

but meh what do i know Im no one but at least lest talk about bounty hunter “cant see ccp investing in the ide any time soon”

this is why I no longer invest my real money in a game I used to love

Do I have the right answers hell NO but could bounties be cool Hell yes
I pleaded with CCP stop fuking with mobile eve and invest in a great game you already have make it better thats all guys and I guarantee the money will flow


Whats wrong with this one?

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There is no simple fix to the bounty system, if it was so easy it would have been done lone ago.

At the very least the bounty system should be split into two. One bounty system for the law, perhaps where bounties are placed only during suspect/criminal timers, and one for the unlawful, perhaps where bounties can be placed on anyone like hit contracts. The current one doesn’t make sense if you are trying to allow bounty hunters sanctioned by the law to go after possibly law abiding citizens who only have bounties on their heads through trolling or competitors, but have never broken any laws.

But again, I don’t think any full solution will come from these forums. There have been many bounty suggestions in the past and they become messes of many many paragraphs just to describe the concepts that, almost, but never quite work. A working bounty system would be a full game feature that would require a team of devs sitting around a table with their power points and whiteboards, brainstorming ideas for weeks or months, so that concepts could flow way more effectively than they ever could in these forum formats.

That’s not to say we should give up. But I think the only real effective assistance that can be offered from the forum is to perhaps come up with the minimum requirements, and/or things that don’t work, for a working bounty system. And one thing that doesn’t work is a single bounty system, IMHO.

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or you know, they could just get rid of it as they were talking about removing it.

That’s a pretty negative attitude, especially since if anything CCP needs to at the very least fix or improve existing content. Remaining stagnant is not a winning formula in the current gaming market…

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Not being negative, falcon and few others expressed the thought of just doing away with it. Really adds nothing to the game.

I find knowing when people die to be a very welcome addition.

removing it would not be a fix, it would be the next huge downer for some people who seem to like the system! same with the removing of smuggling and legalisation of drugs!

pls ccp make drugs illegal again! let me be han solo lol <3

if CCP cant fix something they remove it, I agree with drugs they should be illegal it was a great game style for so many, ninja moon mining with small POS again ccp wrecked it, Bounties, War decing all could be great parts of eve so many enjoyed but CCP took its political correctness rainbow and fuked it all up,

To be honest there ain’t alot left to do in eve besides mindless missions or even more mindless AFK Orca mining well done ccp

That’s right. People enjoyed the old war dec system so much that they walked right out the door. I guess this game isn’t for them and stuff.

Maybe bounties be applied to corporations and only be collected by nooby corps, same % as it is now. The bounties divided up as share dividends

Added: can’t fire back in hi sec or you’ll be concordded You’ll just have to run to low sec.

:rofl: the horror the horror :wink:

This neatly demonstrates why the bounty system has never been fixed:

As lackluster as it is, it’s still no where near as bad as the ideas people come up with to “fix” it.

I know, still it’s more fun coming up with hair brain ideas, you never know if CCP would be inspired by something posted. Just keep brainstorming, it doesn’t hurt the game.

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