Fix's for the bounty system

Okay they even need to remove the bounty system or put it back to the way it used to be and make transporting stuff more dangerous because if you have a bounty on your head and you they can blow up you up and get the whole bounty you become more Bounty Hunt it bounty hunting is not what it used to be we need to fix it or remove it whichever because it kind of stupid and its current iteration

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The problem with allowing a full bounty to be claimed is that, if anyone places a bounty, the recipient will be able to just log in with an alt and claim it themselves.

That said, I always liked the idea of allowing bounties to be placed and assigned to a specific player/corp/alliance, which would allow only the approved party to grab it all at once - I’d love to see bounty hunting groups rise in that vein, if it were to happen.


A real bounty-hunter roll would be great…

…one day CCP will get around to it.

It never used to be like this. You never could kill someone just because they had a bounty. You should never be able to get a killright just because someone put a bounty on your head. The first bounty system was useless because bounties were farmed away by alts. The current second bounty system is less terrible because you can actually make quite some money from it if the circumstances are right and it cannot be gamed.

Totally agree. What I’d like to see is the progression where the third step is where it’s not a criminal offence to attack a wanted player BUT not like the old “system”. A system where you need to use skills or missions or buying a licence to hunt a random target…etc.

Requires a little thought but it can be done…

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It should always be a criminal offence to attack someone who is not a criminal in highsec. There are no restrictions on who can place bounties - or why and once placed, the bounty lasts forever (unless claimed).

There are players who wear their wanted sticker as a badge of honor, others are so traumatized that they quit the game, most of us simply ignore it. I don’t think the current bounty system is worth the cost of maintaining the code and would recommend removing it or restricting it to people with negative security status who can be legally shot in highsec.

Oh, to be clear, the current bounty system needs to be tossed and redone, not just tweaked and a fix shoehorned it.

Simply put, the issuing of bounties needs to be done by Concord based on the offence and people that hunt bounties need to be licenced (temporarily) also by Concorde. Think of it like a PvE mission agent but where the target is an anonymous player with a bounty.

The problem with bounties is it can be abused by the person with the bounty on their head by killing themselves with an alt to get that bounty.

A way around that would be if the person with the bounty on their head had to actually be fearful of dying with that bounty by loosing something, but the whole point of eve is to die hundreds of times a week and keep going so bounties don’t really have a place in eve online.

That’s why I said that Concord would assign the bounty anonymously so if you asked for a contract, you wouldn’t know who you would get. It’s not foolproof but way better…

Bounties would only be wiped when killed by a hunter WITH a valid contract. Normal PvP would not give a % of the bounty any more.

Remember, the whole system needs to be tossed…

O I see so like a mission where they assign a player to you to hunt down randomly, yea that actually sounds pretty fun, but then you should be able to agress that person and that person agress you in any space to make it more fun :D.

But then they need to play some type of sound track when ever this person is getting close to you to build the tension :smiley:

I see your point but the fun in being a hunter and the stress of having a bounty on your head is that you never know by who and when/where you will be attacked.

Once the attack starts then sure the target can fight back without fear of Concord but until then, they are in the dark.

The price criminals should have to pay IMO.

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Like so?

2 Likes something like Warframe :smiley: and the stalker. But yea jaws would be funny as hell.

If you assign bounties randomly then you end up with a bunch of bored bounty hunters with no realistic targets to kill. There are just too many potential targets in the pool that are in a different timezone, on the other side of EVE in a nullsec war, etc. Getting one that you could even attempt to form a viable plan to attack would likely be the lucky exception to the rule, resulting in few people bothering to use the system.

Please clarify:

no realistic targets to kill

Why are random targets not realistic? Please remember that I did not say HOW the targets were picked. My suggestion would be the same as agents. A level 1 agent only assigns the lowest value targets (say <5M bounty) and is know to be in HS and in the same region. Level 2 agents jump to 25M and span 2 regions and also into LS…etc…you get the idea

bored bounty hunters

Why would they be bored?

different timezone

Yes this is an issue but an algorithm could help mitigate that and assign targets that are online on average at the same time you are.

on the other side of EVE in a nullsec war

These would be higher level (level 4 or 5 agent)

To be fair, being a bounty hunter is a very niche job and not for everyone. It’s not a role new players would just jump into that’s for sure and would require a pretty good ship/PvP and tracking skills.

I’ve always thought that the first step in fixing the bounty system is to limit the circumstances under which a bounty can be placed. Players being able to place bounties on other players any time, at random, is all good and fine (and actually kind of fun sometimes), but it does severely limit what you can do with the system as a whole.

I’d like to see bounties tied to specific actions like killrights, wardecs, etc. The bounty would remain a persistent pool that players could collect from at any time, but you could only place a bounty on another player in response to you having kill right against them, them being involved in a war against you, etc. While this would limit some legitimate uses for bounties (haulers carrying stolen loot, hostile traders, etc.), it could also allow for some more interesting mechanics.

Taking this one step further, I’d propose this: limit the bounty size that any one player can add in response to a given action (say, 1 million ISK), and when the bounty becomes large enough (maybe 100 million ISK?), players could use part of the bounty pool (call it 20 million ISK?) to activate a kill right against them. I have no set value for the numbers, but you get the idea.

Either of these steps taken alone would be a bad idea. The former would just limit bounties with no payout (no pun intended), and the later would be horribly abused by putting bounties on anyone all the time. But in conjunction, I think it could be the start of a way to improve how bounties work.

Well to be blunt, it renders the current system pointless…

I like the idea of Concorde “asking” if you want to place a bounty on the criminal and then you being able to within a range relative to the crime/loss.

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