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Once i’ve bountied one guy from local.

led to his “tears”, some money and actually him attacking me when i went suspect.

Quite an interaction!



sure it could be fixed but as is its great for quick tears

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I don’t think the bounty system is necessarily wrong, I think players just abuse it and don’t consider it much of a big deal. If you want to keep the ability to put a bounty on anyone, can you really change the system to make it more or less functional in the way we use it now?

Also posts like ‘fix this’ without any points or suggestions about the changes to be made are kind of a waste. Throw some ideas in there when you post

That seems like a major issue with the system

As to how to fix it. Design wise it’s simple no clue about the technical effort.

Turn them into contacts.

You can assign them to individuals or groups just like current contracts. (If it’s not too hard let them be assigned to multiple groups/ individuals and extend this to all types of contacts)

You then go to a page where you input total booty pool, the ratio of kill value to payout, minimum kill value for payout and maximum signal payout.

Do this and bounties will not only improve but bounty hunting communities will improve


I have a hard time believing CCP ever thought this bounty system was good. It’s always felt like a “crap, deadline’s coming up, throw something out there!” That in mind, what’s the point of this thread? To tell CCP something they knew before any of the players did? To whine that you got kicked out of help channels for being a fizzy douche?


lol you weren’t around for the marketing when it was released then

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It’s not an unwritten rule, it’s under the whole “don’t target or harass new players” which placing bounties on people for being in the Help channel would definitely qualify as.

This isn’t a problem with the game, or CCP’s enforcement, or the rules, or even the game mechanics. It’s a problem with your perception and approach to the game.

If you wanna go bounty people for being in a chat channel may I suggest Jita local? :smiley:


but how? as this thread has pointed out bountying people does nothing other than ultimately teach them that bounties mean nothing


Pretty sure that was when they revamped bounties so that it went from a bulk payout to one based on the percentage value of the ship.

Edit to add proof.

yeah… it was, and they were so damn proud

It was pretty broken since you could collect billions of isk in bounties by having your friend pod you.

edit: should add: I like you idea for revamping it. It would certainly be better than what we currently have.

But new players don’t know that, bounties could be considered either spam or harassment depending on how they’re used, and they’re definitely not a positive, so they fall under the “don’t target new players” clause.

Bounty is nice side income for suicide gankers. The bountypod will always have priority over the one who has none.

Priority based on chance of income: High sec rating + bounty > high sec rating only > bounty only

It should be used to promote suicide ganking in highsec. Should. That’s where it shines most.

And there we have it, read up mah dudes.

It’s 15%. So if you pod someone with a 3 bil head and a large enough bounty you get 450mil.

Edit- 20%. So a 3 bil head would get you 600mil.

Well at least it kinda fixed the stupidity of collecting yourself…

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