The beaten dead horse. bounty hunting :(

i know it wasn’t a physical person

regardeless war dec’ing has nothing to do with my system. your just being an ass

Im the ass but you insist your system be based off how concord confirms or denies a war request. Concord does not invalidate a war for any reason other than the aggressor telling them not to. So where does that tie into your bounty system? You suggested it. But im the ass. Stop overlooking your intelligence.

Here’s where you said an NPC is gonna decide whether or not I get the bounty from killing you. And this is the part of your suggestion I call into question. Because said NPC has no bearing on anything. I wasn’t trying to be an ass but you are forcing my hand.

fine so i misspoke it was just a suggestion as to it would have to be approved. it was just an idea to throw out there to see if it sticks. point is that one thing i said doesn’t invalidate everything else.


but if this is where we’ll be discussing bounties, and chance ravine hasn’t chimed in, here’s a vid he uploaded of him talking about it while driving his car.

my points on that:

5 slots.

there should be a ranking based on the total bounty pool that determines information supplied to the hunter. based on a 5 tier system, where tier 1 would show some rudimentary intel on where you may be located, and tier 5 showing everything from where you are to what ship your flying, maybe with tier 5 having a constant update to when the target changes system, making it extremely difficult to nail someone such as the one who gets the tiny bounty for trivial harassment of a n00b but easier to locate someone who most likely has that 2 billion bounty for being an elite PVPer.


And by “keeps coming up” you refer to your own three threads on the exact same topic? Great!

i wanted to read, but the lack of structure in your thoughts and the equally poor layout of your post made me dismiss it. glancing over responses, it seems to be the right choice.

could you try again, with less enthusiasm and more cold, hard, structured, linear logic?



The reason this is a dead horse, the reason CCP have done nothing with the carcass, and the reason this topic is doing nothing to move and/or revive said carcass is because there’s a fundamental problem here.

If you can pay ISK to kill someone in High Sec without repercussions then the system will be abused, no matter how much you try to get around this as long as this is the case the system will be abused. Even your system here is easy to abuse. I put an alt who can fly a T1 Cruiser or similar into the Bounty Faction and then have my main put bounties on all the Freighters I can find.

Those Freighter pilots now either need to clear the bounty by getting ganked in a noob ship or something or they’re dead meat.

Limited slots? Doesn’t matter, everyone in PIRAT can take a different set.

This is why the horse is dead. The pro-Bounty Hunting side wants something that gets around Crime Watch and that’s never going to work.

I’m hearing you, but I fear that the reason bounties don’t work in eve is because isk is always going to be a pointless reason to fight.

The only people who care about risk in pvp are the fat feeble who worship killboardz stats. Real men don’t care about the numbers. Real men fight for honour, and bragging rights.

Think about why you out a bounty on a person. It is not to see their ship blow up. It is to humiliate your enemy and make him regret the day he raped you in all your holes and stole your stuffs.

The other reason bounty hunting doesn’t work is because it presumes that Eve is the sort of game where folks can’t dock up and spin ships and chat, as a valid play style. The bounty hunter can’t force the prey into combat. He can’t wait for him to need a dump, and set upon him when he stumbles to the outside crapper at 3 am. Which is how grandpa always did it.

the bounty hunting mechanics, so far, seem to be for gankers. it’s not really a regular income, but the on and off ship or pod with bounty and implants is always nice to shoot.

Btw, you should edit your post, because there’s a part that’s seriously inappropriate. you don’t sound like a man at all, tbh, and kind of validate what i said about you in that other thread. next you tell me you also care about honour, like all the “real PvPers”. :roll_eyes:

I should like to please you, yellow beard, but i fear you are not my type.

I did like what you said about the OP lacking cold, hard, structured, linear logic.

Ever since Grandma got caught with the guy from the government, I have followed her advice and sought my logic hot, soft, chaotic and logarithmic.

You know what I am talking about, yellowpuffs.


Chance Ravinne’s thought was to raise the minimum bounty value, it would work for those times when you want to see someone killed vs a ganker loading up every freighter alt. not only that his system would make it a frigate’s chance in a null fleet fight that a ganker gets said freighter alt. sure, that means you are ruining someone’s day, somewhere, sometime. maybe i can make the bold assumption that gankers may turn to bounty hunting, since it would be the workaround of crimewatch, but again, marking targets have to be made expensive for it to not be dev sponsored null security.

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I have thought about this for some time. Bounties are treated as a joke in EvE. One need only look at the in-game help chat to see that. People will place needless bounties on others just to “make them feel wanted” as one player is known to do. The system needs to be reworked to do away with these frivolous bounties. Here is my suggestion:

  1. Bounties should remain 3-tier.

Tier 1 is a bounty on an individual.
Tier 2 is a bounty on a corporation.
Tier 3 is a bounty on an alliance.

  1. Bounties should serve a purpose. To this end, it should be required that a verifiable in-game action has happened to warrant a bounty. This will put an end to people placing a bounty on somebody just for the sake of placing a bounty. Suggested reasons for a bounty:

A) Destruction/Theft of Property. This would apply to a bounty against an individual. This could range from being killed in PvP to somebody looting another player’s NPC kill.

B) Act of Aggression. This can apply to either an individual or a corporation. In this instance, if a group of players attack an individual who is flying solo, and the individual flying solo is killed, there would be grounds to file a bounty against the group who attacked, and their respective corporation. This is not applicable to players who members of corporations that permit friendly fire, unless attacked from outside their respective corporation.

C) Act of Terrorism. EvE is a dangerous place. There are alliances that act just like terrorist organizations. If a corporation is operating a citadel and is attacked by multiple corporations from a specific alliance, and the citadel is destroyed, the corporation that owned the citadel would have grounds to file for a bounty against the alliance and the corporations within the alliance.

In all cases, bounties may only be generated for instances in which kill report has been generated, or a suspect timer has happened. If something to this effect can be implemented, it would make the bounty system worthwhile, especially if the minimums were increased to 1M, 10M, and 100M respectively. Additionally, a 24 hour waiting period would be applied for verification of reason for the bounty, which does create the need for an additional mechanic, an NPC bounty corporation that players may directly join. Players joining said NPC bounty corporation may only engage in PvP against players with a bounty, and would be required to review each bounty before engaging. Yes, it does mean more work, especially for the players, but it could add additional content with players who would be working specifically as bounty hunters (under Concord), and it would (hopefully) put an end to frivolous bounties.

I will not say my idea is perfect. Far from it. However, between what I suggest, and some of the other ideas I have read, perhaps there is something that can be put together to take a broken and otherwise laughed at mechanic, and give a real meaning/purpose. It would be interesting to see bounties serving a purpose.

Note: An unfortunate side effect of my suggestion is that all current bounties would, by necessity, need to be cleared, as too many are currently in place by the willy-nilly placing of random pointless bounties on people just to place bounties, the thing that this thread is desiring to see an end to.

The game does not understand all the ways in which a player can slight another. Just going by kill rights is too restrictive. Kill rights are for kill rights. Where as you may want to put a bounty on someone who has stolen from you, or smacked in local, as a ‘hired hit’ or just because their hair looks funny (player freedom just like decs).

The current system will probably be as good as it gets. With immortality and alts you’re not gonna get anything glamarous.

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Perhaps. However, the system is broken as it exists. In truth, it will take a reworking of both the mechanic and the player mindset regarding bounties. If it were more difficult to place a bounty on other players, it would slow down the frivolous bounties that are being placed just to place them. The bounty system could become something quite useful, but as it exists, it isn’t. A broken system is a useless system. A useless system is an unnecessary system. An unnecessary system is something worth removing. Considering how WIS failed, I would hate to see another system, one that has great potential, get axed. Just my thinking.

no one buys them because someone hits their main with their alt, puts 1b+ isk depending what they fly like charlotte the harlot flies an orca on ap waiting for someone to buy the kr because they want an orca kill and her mains profits.

get rid of the whole idea of having multiple accounts going and limit eve to 1 instance running and things will drop off unless someone uses multiple machines or god forbid they actually have to work with someone in eve.

This is something CCP cannot enforce nor detect reliably. You can just use 2 different computers to circumvent this limitation (which people already do for botting and alphas). You can use VPN to mask your IP for individual clients running on different computers. You can run one computer on your normal wireless lan, the other on a mobile connection (which is no problem with the modern relatively affordable multi-GB flat rates). And you can probably also do this on the same computer.

For EVE, such a 1-client limitation would favor the technologically experienced and skillful over those who are not as skillful if the limitation cannot be enforced in at least 99.999% of the cases or reports about alt use investigated thoroughly enough to reach an 100% accurate verdict leading to a ban.

Bounty system is in a very different situatiom than wis…for one, people use it!

It doesn’t fit your ideals, or maybe even many peoples ideals (name something that does fit most peoples ideals, fw, sov, wardecs, ganking, structures? Nope). But its far from useless.

This isn’t about the player mindset for bounties. Its just alts and immortality.

How do you think bounties in the real world would work if you couldn’t kill or imprison anyone?

Well, maybe not that far. I think the only people who use it are the folks who don’t know why it is a scandal and doesn’t mean anything.

Seriously, does anybody who knows the game at all feel anything at all, except flattery, when a bounty is put on them? It’s a joke, a failed mechanic.

I watched Chance Ravine’s video (link above) and he makes a lot of sense. I like his idea for a rebuild a lot.