Renewal of Bountyhunting, the Bounty Hunter Class Ships!

(Sthenelos Tau) #1

Dear CCP & Pilots,

Make the Bounty Hunters great again! The Bounty Hunter class ships.

And the re-newal of the bounty system and its rewards.

the bounty system / motivation to hunt (special also in highsec) gankers, pilots with killrights, suspects, or with a bad / negative security status
is not good, as everybody know. There is all in all almost no fair reward, sometimes small bounties are paid out (if pilots had a bounty) + the loot dropped.
Here is big potencial to create more content - but a problem to handle it technical and avoid bounty farming with Alts
or friends.

Many pilots do their first pvp experience in highsec, by shooting suspects or gankers. Also much more pilots would
hunt in highsec, if there is a real and fair motivation for doing that. We need a Bounty Hunter Class, as reward to all those
who shoot and kill suspect, criminals, pilots with killrights and / or bounty up on them, but not just for highsec, also for low and null.

I am sure, that CCP made in the past alot thoughts about it, the main problem (what i think) is the nerfing
and collection rewards with alts. So there must be a fair system - also a way to avoid that the “crime pilots” have a
win-win situation.

Idea - Details:
Class of hunting targets:

  • suicide ganker doing ganks / flashing red
  • suspects
  • pilots with killright
  • pilots with negative sec. status (free to be killed)

Reward - and system:

  • by killing one of the pilots above, pilots get a higher standing for a new standing class called
    "the Bounty Hunter" standing. For each they kill, the standing grows up slowly

  • if the standing of the pilots increases after some kills of crime pilots, he will be able to activate and fly
    a new class of ships, the Bountyhunter Class. Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship. At least
    strong as Faction Ships, different Bonus for pvp and hunting activites - but limited just to pilots with the right
    standing in Bountyhunter standing, so NOT everybody can use them, just the pilots of justice. This will give
    them a real and fair reward and something special.

  • the standing increases after the numbers of kills in this class, after the destroyed value from ship
    and after the damage made. If concord made 80 % damage and pilot 20 %, he get just 20 % standing bonus,
    also if there are more than 1 pilots on killmail, its split among the damage.

  • when standing increase after times, the next class of bountyhunter ships will be free to fly.

  • possible are also bonus on this ships connected to bounty hunter standings, same system like
    enforcer (bonus on repair for example connected to security status).

  • when those ships are limited to pilots just with the right standing, they will be a real and honest
    reward, something very special for all those killing criminals, suspects, killrights, but not just in highsec,
    also in low, null and WH and also nerfing with Alts is limited or not very lucrative.

Faithfully yours, Tau

(Rivr Luzade) #2

A bounty rework suggestion that does not involve blanket killrighting for ISK. For that alone you have my respect. :+1:

The reward system also does not sound broken at first glance, although standing can be farmed with alts putting killrights on each other via attacking themselves with noob ships. The provision of NPC built ships is trouble some but the trouble you could avoid the trouble if the rewards were handed out as BPCs.

2 questions: How do you lose bounty hunter standing? How do you get a new bounty hunter ship when you lost one? Can you then just redeem another BPC from the LP store for nothing or do you have to invest some form of bounty hunter LP?

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

How does this idea actually add to bounty hunting?

Do they get free shooting on anyone with any neg status, or only on people who are normally vulnerable?

What does negative security status have to do with bounty hunting at all?

(Sthenelos Tau) #4

I killed many thousands of pilots with killrights, suspect or neg. sec status - and with other toons i suicide ganked many thousands.

The ganker in me tells:
i want to get hunted and killed by whiteknights, action, for the crime i do. Bring back the balance., give those hunters their fair reward

The hunter in me tells:
Give reward to all those wo hunt “bad guys”. If they kill a catalyst, trasher or vexor, the reward is almost 0. Abit loot, abit bounty. But no fair and good reward for spending hours waiting.

With a bounty hunter class, some real rewards can be given, specially also to some anti gankers or hunter in highsec. If you look the best bounty hunters now, they are suicide gankers in trashers killing pods…but there can be another idea with rewards in ships in thsi class.

Bounty hunter class standing farming:
i think can be avoid, you get standing on destroyed value and on damage made. If someone try farming with alts in velatores, he get no real value killed. The standing growths with the destroyed value and damage made on it, as higher it is, as higher the growing.

LP Store can be an idea, but maybe not as redeemable item, it must be paid with ISK as normal ships to avoid nerfing. If you loose it, pilots with the right standing are able to buy it new and as many the want, for ISK.
Just the pilots with the standing can fly it, for other pilots this ships are useless.

Loose bounty hunter standing:
if you go criminal status in high, low or null, you loose abit from this standing.

Negative sec status to do with bounty hunting:
if the neg. status is worst than - 5 you are free to be killed everywhere by anybody. For this kills, the standing grows.

This idea is rough, not final, there would be things to add or to cancel, but i would be happy for real rewards.

(Tabyll Altol) #5

So i have an alt grinding the -10 via pod ex in HS (is very fast possible using a 1.0 System and gank an pod).
Then i mass produce T1 frigs, insure them and shoot them with my main --> the Standing will skyrocket to max with very small ISK Needs. And my main will get a very strong ship to fly with.

Sorry it´s a nice System much better than most of the other suggestions, but easy exploitable.


(Sthenelos Tau) #6

not too easy to exploit.

The Bounty Standings increase, after the destroyed Value, not just per kill.
If you try exploit with your alt, you would have to fit the ships to increase destroyed value.
The fitting is not possible to insure.
= you can exploit, but you need spend alot isk to fit ships, to make more expensive
= you can exploit if you buy 1000 frigs, unfittet, kill them, but increase just slowly for value
So you have to work to undock 1000 times …

Standing grows, for destroyed / killed value of enemy and its connected to damage made.
If u made 20 % damage and othr 80 %, you get 20 %

a very strong ship to fly:
i did not write very strong. i wrote strong as for example faction ships. They can be strong, but not too strong. But they can be exclusiv limited to bounty hunters which have this standing. The exclusivity of this ships is the reward, because the bounty payout system is still broken and not lucrative.

(Daichi Yamato) #7

You can still use alts to get the ‘rewards’. But even the reward of having a ship that only certain people can fly is gimmicky as ■■■■.

(Sthenelos Tau) #8

na you re wrong. Ppl use Alts also to clear killrights or they could shoot with Alts their own to collect bounty. Possible is all. Important is to minimize hard exploits and there are ways to do it.

Gimicky: ppl fly also rouge drone sites, ppl buy enforcers, pacifier, other useless things and are happy about. There are many reason how game can be enjoyed. Shipglasses, with entry just for ppl with right standing will be rare at a fair bonus for all those hunters among eve universe which get many times just minimal ISK earning by shooting gankers, suspects, crimepilots etc.

(Koebmand) #9

My alt “attempts to suicide gank me” and get shot by … well me … 500000 times.

(Daichi Yamato) #10

And alts can be used here.

And ANYONE can buy and fly an enforcer. But the ships you’re talking about can’t be flown unless you jump through particular hoops.

It’s not going to happen.

(Sthenelos Tau) #11

Anyone can buy enforcer, but the BONUS up on it (Which is the most important!)
just piliots with a high sec status can profit, as higher it is, as more bonus they get :slight_smile:

(Daichi Yamato) #12

Yeah it’s a gimmick, but it’s also a special edition ship that anyone can fly. And you can buy tags to gain the sec status. You don’t have to do the grind.

Where as you’re proposing something like a faction ship that no one can fly unless you do the grind.

It’s pants on head ass backwards. It’s not going to happen. A bounty lp store maybe, but not something you have to be part of a club to fly.

(Sthenelos Tau) #13

the positive sec status u cannot buy tags to pimp up :slight_smile:

(Daichi Yamato) #14

I see. But the rest I’m right about.

(Max Deveron) #15

I think that is the point,
If you do not want to be a bounty hunter/white knight then you dont get the ship cause you cant fly it anyway

(Daichi Yamato) #16

And do i have to join the fed navy to fly a navythron? Or is it a sandbox game where we can just trade ships and fly them without silly barriers?

(Max Deveron) #17

all i have to say to this

is that you are being an obtuse ass, geez…

The Op is talking about a niche style of gameplay and those that want to play that niche style of gameplay,

just becuse you dont want to play that way does not mean you have to ■■■■ all over it because it is not for you.

TL;Dr: quit being such an asshole just because it isnt for you

(Nevyn Auscent) #18

What Niche style of gameplay?
The Op hasn’t indicated in any way how this actually has anything to do with bounty hunting.
Sec status is not the same as bounty.

All I’m seeing so far is a proposal that allows a positive sec status person a way to farm an exclusive (& probably intended to be slightly OP otherwise why would anyone use it) ship.

(Sthenelos Tau) #19

Look, the basic problem is as eplained, that bounty hunting is not very lucrative in Eve.
The best bounty hunters are trasher gate gankers killing pods with implantats, yet.

The solution to make it more interesting for players to hunt / bounty hunt more, can be an increase of a reward.
This reward could be, as suggested, this new bounty hunter class ships. But its just an idea.
It could be possible also to make this bounty hunter ships accessable to all, but as a enforcer the BONUS will get just the pilots with the right standing (must create new standing, for bounty hunters, dont know if technically possible). Another idea can be other rewards. It doesnt has to be ships - but ships would be the most interesting reason probably.

My toons got many billion of bounty on their stupid heads, but just few is paid out in years, cause they usually not fly expensive ships and almost nobody hunt them, because not lucrative. To create content is the goal, to bring back more balance.

I dont see anyway problems, that ships are not accessable to all. If you like fly command ships, you have to skill 70 days. Marauders, Titans even more. Many ships need endless months of skilltime. Other as the enforcer just give the power if you are in the right standing. Its not a problem of fairness, that something is not available to all instant. All is available to anyone in Eve, but you have to work and skill for it and to grind isk to use it good or very good.

To give rewards for killing “bad ass pilots” (crime, suspect, killrights, negative sec standing less -5) will create lot content, it will bring back balance and give all those hunters their fair rewards. Look the gankers, they can earn fine in ganking haulers, miners, blinky mission runners and specially they earn their fun. The other side, those who spend hours to guard miners, gates, haulers dont earn alot for shot down trasher or catalyst. Anyway, this idea is NOT just for antigankers / gankers, its in general. Also if you kill in lowsec or null pilots with killrights, suspects, neg. sec station you get those rewards.

(Nevyn Auscent) #20

So all that happens is every ganker will have a bounty hunting alt, who will kill themselves whenever they get to a large bounty. It won’t create any content, it will just funnel money towards the gankers instead.

Additionally you are confusing three things here as connected when they aren’t.
Bounties, Sec status & Crimewatch are virtually unrelated systems. I could go criminal while +4.x sec status, I could be bountied while at 5.0, and I could be -10 because I’m a lowsec PvP pilot who has never ganked in my life.