Are the bounty program ever returning

Believe this was removed with a promise to refine and reinstate, now it in limbo it seems, do anyone have any more info on this perhaps?

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The Bounty System is lost forever. No more free isk for blowing up friends and alts. Oh well… Maybe it’s better that way, especially if it was used to intimidate newbros.

Fifie at large

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Thanx for taking the time to reply.

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I have not heard anything about it to be returned, but haven’t heard any confirmation either that it would not ever return in the future.

I guess CCP wants to keep the option open to bring bounties back, but I hope it would take another shape. The old version wasn’t very interesting as it didn’t encourage any ‘hunting’ of bounties, it was just an insignificant payout if whoever you killed did accidentally happen to have a bounty.


There was some mention of the amount received was relevant to the ship you popped - so if the bounty was a bill sure - but if it a destroyer u pop, ugh it wont kinda work that way now… so ur spot on - dont know how accurate that info is though.

Yes the most recent system was based on a percentage of the value of the destroyed ship to prevent people easily farming it, but i imagine people still gamed the system, so there wasn’t much point in leaving it in, i don’t imagine it will return anytime soon because trying to create a system that can’t be easily broken isn’t easy

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NO, anything that pvpers loved and were proud of must be eliminated. Only F1 monkeys and taxes for RMT matter now.

The bounty system was removed temporarily, so it should be back soon?

The bounty system should be based on the security status of the Capsuleer, location of ships killed, frequency of PvP, and type of PvP.

Faction war based PVP would see a payout based on the ship destroyed.

Frigate : 450,000 ISK / top damage dealer
Destroyer : 475,000 ISK / top damage dealer
Cruiser : 1.5 mil ISK / top damage dealer
Battlecruiser : 4.5 mil ISK / top three damage dealers
Battleship : 5.75 mil ISK / top three damage dealers
Dread : 10 mil ISK / top five damage dealers
Carrier : 15 mil ISK / top ten damage dealers
Titan : 35 mil ISK / top twenty damage dealers

25% bonus in ISK if the ship is a Navy ship.
35% bonus in ISK if the ship is TII.
40% bonus in ISK if the ship is TIII.

If a FW ship is destroyed in High Sec, Null or Sleeper space, additional ISK bonus payout is nullified.


Ganking is a rather difficult mechanic to apply because you have to factor in the gankers sec stat, frequency of ganking, location of where ganks mainly take place, ( mostly ganks in High but went into Low for PvP) and ship types.

War Dec - similar to Faction War payout.

Null Sec, Low Sec, Sleeper Space, - 10% additional payout based on Faction War bonuses, pilot cannot be in a faction that is taking part of Faction War.

Calm down ganker!

Calm down nobody!

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you mean botting multiboxer who would be nothing without THE MAN. Praise James 315

ftfy :wink:

The old bounty system, even though it was flawed, easily gamed, and not really what many victims of violence thought it was, was fun.

CCP you really need to get something like it again.

There was something dramatic and exciting to see the faces of the most wanted cycling through the concord billboards.


If CCP doesn’t support player bounties, someone will by spinning up a server integrated with the ESI.

Theyd probably take a 5% cut of the player bounties earned on both the mercenary’s and customer‘s end for brokering the transaction that pays out 95% on items destroyed, 5% (or less) on items dropped (because ■■■■ RMT), and nominal ship value (to prevent insurance scams). And there would be a „Most Wanted“ board plus a „Top Hunter“ (by ISK) board to go with it, and a quick-search option that lets people copy-paste local into it to look up bounty values of people in-system. The bounties would be placed automatically by sending ISK to the broker with the name of the target in the „reason“ field and once the ESI cache expires (1 hour or less) the website would scrape the updated wallet and update to show that placed bounty (but it could be earned beforehand). And bounties should be refundable — even after being partially earned, just needs some basic accounting skills.

But what do I know, I’m just idly speculating.

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it will be “reiterated” soon™

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