Player Bounties & Killrights temporarily disabled

@CCP are you there?




Anywhere but here.


IMHO we might need an APB for CCP ASAP. :wink:


Meanwhile, behind closed doors somewhere in an office, promises are made:



What does temporary even means ?
I mean in grand scale of this universe and time
Our world , Earth has a sand crumble with split second life and you cant even call it temporary existence …
Or smaller scale of EvE onlines life time 17 years?

What defines temporary ? When it becomes permanent ?
OP your title for the post is irrelevant @CCP_Dopamine

Warning: May contain trace of TRUTH, NUTS & SARCASM

Oh speaking of this thread the title is wrong though: killrights are NOT disabled, only the bounty system. If someone has a public killright and you are on the same grid with them you can activate their KR for the stated price. (Or if you have the killright assigned to you or your corp and so on then the same applies.)

And speaking of public killrights…


If you have any kill rights on gankers please sent them to me, we can’t get them all but we will do our best. Jita gankers rights and tornado type gankers are great to have.
Help fright crime with one of only a few ways left in eve.


Please note that this is a temporary action

Any update on this? It was supposed to be one month, and it’s been a year.

@CCP_Dopamine It’s been a year.


CCPlease define “ temporarily “ .


Temporarily (adv)

  • during a limited time

Example sentence:
The yellow post-it note to reinstate the bounties and killrights was temporarily attached to my screen”.

Obviously it fell off at some point in time (Lat. tempus) and the cleaning person disposed of it.

Tempus edax rerum…

With the best chance for large and record breaking fleet engagements being choked by certain ecosystem aspects, one would think this sort of fix would be an easy, nice gesture from ccp…

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If they bring them back in 20 years then they will be true to their word.

you can still get and receive killright

As a returning player I am a little disappointed that the bounty system is gone. It was a system I really liked and used a lot. It was nice to hunt and kill those with bounty on their heads.
@CCP_Dopamine when is the bounty system coming back? And will all bounties remain as from before?

Maybe in true EVE fashion he grabbed all the ISK from everyone’s bounty pools and spent it on exotic dancers. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Does @CCP_Dopamine still work for CCP, or is there another point of contact we can use to inquire whether the bounty system will be returned? The last news we received was that we could expect it to be removed temporarily and returned at the end of October 2020.

It is now December 2021.

Maybe CCP ( :cn: no not that one :stuck_out_tongue: this one) :psyccp: tries to learn from the big brother and implemented their equivalent of Valve Time so maybe in a couple decades perhaps… but hey at least still assured to be sooner than the release date of Scam Star Citizen. :wink:

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