We are getting more and more mocking emails from our victims reposting the email about their ship reimbursed.

for example this: Orca | Sicktus | Killmail | zKillboard

What is going on CCP? This is nothing new, it was reported that many victims of the Hawk got their ship back as well.

Is this really happening? Can anyone confirm this is true and not a coordinated high IQ trolling of the crybears?

And if it is true, who decides about this and what are his reasons to accept the request? How are these peoples getting their position and is there any revision process about this?

Assuming this is true,

You are delegitimating our kills and achievements with this. It is disguising and there is no logic in this.

Why do you allow ganking and then return destroyed ships to their owners? It makes no sense. Similar issue with the Ivicek, the known scripter, victims’ - they are also getting their ships back - why allow cheaters to play and then return ships back to his victims?

What is going on? If you don’t want highsec ganking to exists just remove it from the game ffs.


I can confirm that this is occurring. I lost an exploration ship to Trigs on an alt and next time I had logged in I had a mail from a GM saying my loss was returned to me. Sure enough, I had the hull with all of the modules that didn’t drop on the kill in my hangar. I never submitted a ticket or anything.

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what the in the ■■■■ happened there

This has been something people have argued back and forth about for years. You’re not likely to get any answer on what criteria reimbursements are based on because it’s done on a case by case basis. There was a reddit thread that people got into all of this earlier in the year.

From a business perspective if CCP can keep a player from quitting by giving them a ship reimbursement then that’s a low cost, and if you weren’t being told about it you wouldn’t notice. You’d get a kill, the ganked person would get their ship, everybody wins. I don’t foresee that changing.

This has to be a joke right? False Intel?

time to get my amsihu back

I very much hope so…

I had once written to CCP in response of losing a Frighter to those stinky triglaturds after being bumped off a Tether and the response was HTFU

So we can only assume that New Eden had now gotten soft if it is allowing such shenanigans.


It’s not new, sometimes you get reimbursed sometimes you don’t. I’m trying to find a link, I’m sure there was a CSM member that spoke about it a while ago and quite a high number of reimbursement are approved.

Anyway, why does it matter if someone else receives a reimbursement? They don’t take away anything from you to do it.

Ah, here is the CSM summit paper where it was discussed:
CSM 11 Summit Two – January 30 - February 2 2017

Jin’taan asked about how many people do get their ships reimbursed, especially those that were ganked in highsec. CCP said they did not have specific data concerning reimbursements for high sec ganking. They did a study last year which indicated that approximately 50-60% of reimbursement requests were granted. However, CCP added that a lot of the granted reimbursements were geared towards new players. Jin’taan brought up that sometimes people that get their ships ganked, and then get them reimbursed, before going on to gloat to their gankers that they got their ship back.

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Can you share some details more about your loss, not the contact with CCP but just about your ship loss to the Trigs?

Were you in combat with them or afk or warping? FYI (Frostpacker is not looking for reimbursement of any kind based on any findings that may or maynot derive from your reply Pilot!)


This is the answer and I respect that and therefor Frostpacker respects such response too.
(still would be interested in knowing about your loss to the Triglavian Collective faction.

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It matters because even if one agrees with reimbursements of some sort in principle for certain situations, one has to draw the line somewhere.

The reason being that the entire Eve economy would collapse if every ship was reimbursed and there was thus no destruction and hence re-purchasing of goods to drive the economy forward.

So by definition any reimbursements have to be quite restrictive. And I think the real issue is not that reimbursements occur…they have always done…but that the situations in which they occur have been expanded.

Personally I think I could make a case that every ship I have ever lost was ‘not fair’ in some way. I look forward to the 500m or so reimbursement from CCP…and will de-HTFU myself temporarily in order to appear sufficiently whiny to get it.


CCP, I’m about to do something stupid in a 4 billion ISK marauder. Could you go ahead and pre-reimburse me? Thanks in advance…


CCP draws that line. They don’t have a duty to make sure everyone agrees with every case of reimbursement. I’m sure CCP won’t be reimbursing anywhere near enough to collapse the economy, but it’s still up to them.

Do you feel the same way about daily login rewards and things like that? They also impact the economy, skill injector prices in particular.

You say they have been expanded, but that CSM link I posted was in 2017 and the same thing was being said there, so when did it expand? Before 2017?

Do it then. Noone else will be impacted if you request reimbursement and CCP agrees.

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HTFU, you whiny, entitled children.

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I believe this falls under the original mandate of the CSM: oversight of CCP to make sure their relationship with a group of players doesn’t give them an unfair advantage over other players.

These sort of reimbursements are categorically clear cut, in my opinion.

You have to show them your nudes tho.



well in a sandbox there are many reasons for exploding someone, maybe i manufacture and sell orcas and perhaps i have some alts that as a side thing explode orcas which helps my sales. now if they are being reimbursed the lost orcas that just messes up the supposedly player driven market.

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I mean as long as they reimburse me every time I lose a ship, we good :smiley:

The fact you can be PERMABAN just for sharing a mail or responds from CCP lets you know they are hiding something