When they replace these ships YES it hurts others as well It hurts the miners that get ores and PI resources It hurts the builders and sellers of hulls and modules It hurts anyone that is trying to weaken the group for whatever reason they need to Remember this is all one space Actions effect everyone

Gix shouldn’t be getting refunds, he’s been playing video games long enough anyway.

Yeah, but lots of things mess up the player driven market such as daily login campaigns and paragon agents. I think that if noone mentioned it happening you wouldn’t even be able to notice it.

CCP gave Casper24 his AT ship back after he jumped it into HIGH SEC and died to Concord.

I thought they took it away again after they got called out on that… :man_shrugging:

There’s an actual, written, “modernized” customer retention guidance policy/initiative at CCP. Don’t ask me how I know.

If you want to test it though, here’s how you do it. Take two unaffiliated characters, put them into a low-sec system, then have one character attack and kill the other while also dying in the process. Then file reimbursement petitions on both using similar language and mention how unhappy you are. The results will be shocking.

I don’t have stomach to beg CCP for ship loss reimbursment…


Why not? Apparently others get it all the time.

Oh yea. Me either. I have some semblance of pride and dignity LOL.

Others do not have such experience in video games.

LOL and?

They can still get reimbursed

So should I :smiley:

I guess you had to switch to another alt huh?

i want the paladin i lost 10010010 years ago
lets submit a ticket



The one thing I didn’t see posted is that there are circumstances, this game is pretty buggy and sometimes we can’t see what a GM can see.

As far as “the economy” sorry a few ship reimbursements is not going to effect anything, take for instance the Paragon stuff, prices aren’t going through the roof for those ships even though ships are being burned everyday, far, far more than a few reimbursements.

Ships should never be reimbursed LOL.

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I disagree. @Gix_Firebrand should be receiving the videogame equivalent of social security due to his video game age.

He cut his teeth on the Magnavox Odyssey back in 1972

Unless it’s mine, and only if the loss resulted in me knowingly doing something really stupid. Like suspect baiting and can flipping.

Don’t be telling on me like that!

They don’t even know about the whole big monitor, tiny monitor computers used to have :smiley:

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The reimbursement is a great thing. The miner gets a feeling of invulnerability and power (some times they contact the ganker to brag about the reimbursement), which translates into not taking any ganking countermeasure (basically becomes reflective to learning).

Oh man you can not imagine the salt that comes back when ganked again. And the best thing is that CCP does not reimburse a second time, which means frustration and probably uninstallation!

The downside is that CCP is sending a big F… Y… to the industrialist producing the expensive orcas, but tbh the industrialist are not my priority as long as CCP keeps overflowing highsec with expensive reimbursements!

That would be my conclusion as well.

only time I have is when 350 plex I purchased just disappeared that when I want my stuff back or my money back