And did you?

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Are you sure? I once had someone fail a suicide gank on my alt. I then scouted the target for over a week to find the right moment and caught him in an Orca.

Just for the person to mock me the next week with a reimbursement mail for the Orca.

Do you think that is fair play? I find that to be something rather important in a game, and this just reeks of meta-gaming and cheating.

It did rather take a big junk of enjoyment out of the game for me. It completely destroyed the illusion that there are actual consequences in this game.


I wish CCP would wrote something like “We are not reimbursing ships lost in PvP.”. Why can’t they?


Also, if this is trolling and a way to get on gankers’ backs I consider this really mean and unhealthy.

Claiming that developers or game masters of the game did X when they didn’t should be punishable. You can lie about other players, but lying about game masters’ actions is over the line.

When was anything in EVE fair?

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Why are people having a hissyfit about this now? This is not new.

And at the scale…. So what. Just play the game. The only reason this post exist is because instead of you taunting a player for a loss he is taunting you for getting it back. If this was actually an issue for someone, it would have been a mega thread years ago.

FYI CCP does not return dropped items, just destroyed.

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Thanks to the taunts we know that CCP is reimbursing big juicy orcas. This topic is to know why are they doing the reimbursements.

I believe CCP should explain a bit the reasons. An orca is not a cheap noobship to reimburse.

oh! players conducting their own investigations to find out the developers’ motives! it’s almost like priests learning the word of God…

They are doing nothing to you. You got your kill - move on.

What CCP does between other players is none of your concern.

More entitled muppet generation stuff.


It is a big issue which must be adressed by CCP. There was an investment of catalysts to destroy that miner. CCP should at least reimburse my catalyst! Time to experiment and ask for a catalyst reimbursement for that specific gank.

Now imagine that I locate this orca miner and I dunk his orca again to finish the job for real, and then the interview, and the mining permit and all the bureaucratic steps again… CCP does not reimburse for a second time. The miner would get such a sock that he would end uninstalling the game… and we dont want highsec miners leaving the game, right?

Boy do I have some news for you…

I have had much more expensive ships and modules that did not drop given back.

No please…

You invested catalysts to get a kill. You got a kill. What that person does after that is none of your concern. If CCP reimburses them or if they get some SRP from some trillionaire, it doesn’t matter.

to be robbed in exchange for an imaginary murder. brilliant!

don’t forget to take notes…

and consult with your war staff before your next move…

That was my initial thought when we were getting these news about CCP reimbursing Orcas during Hawk/Hateless campaign. And so we ignored that. But that was month ago, then other players claims they were reimbursed for losing their BR to Ivicek, the known botter. And now this miner claims he got his Orca reimbursed.

Sure, we can assume that all the Orca miners are lying and are sending us these emails on purpose to troll us and salt mine (which never worked for months until this forum post if you consider it salt, fine). It is odd and must be organized and coordinated by someone who is telling the miners how that email should look like, and it is smartly done as they are not coming with this right away, but after some time - a time which would it take for GMs to reply/decide, but okay lets say this is all fake.

Why would however victims of Ivicek lied about getting reimbursed? It is not as this info is from him - that his victims sent him emails like they are sending us, the info comes from forum thread about him being suspect for botting.

This all together forms a disturbing though that this is really going on.

And as I said, is it fine to lie about GMs/ISDs actions? Can I lie about someone being banned because of botting then? Or can I lie about ISDs deleting my/someone else’s threads? Do you really think this is okay to do?

I think for me, what curdles my quafe is that it promotes victimhood mentality.

Now lets say I dunno, CCP had a bug where upon undock your ship might randomly blow up. I can see reimbursement for that, as that is their mess up.

But losing your ship to legit PvP? That’s just gameplay my boy.

This simply is rewarding people for throwing tantrums and crying.


Seems like the wind of new age to come as the recent years that is how things seem to be going.

They achieved the reclassifying of not for profit ganking into griefing, the removal of alpha ganking, the changes to afk cloaky camping despite it even had its trashbin megathread and so on.

It seems despite what one might think it works and they get what they demand even if it takes a lot of time… and then want even more and probably will get that too eventually.


So will the OP be rewarded for throwing this tantrum?

Cause like everything stupid in the world lowbrow people are trying to “own” others instead of just going about their business, I honestly think it’s man-struation.