Its a bit sad that you cant work directly for CONCORD

even Interbus has agents. but space police dont have any kind of division for mercenary work from Capsuleers. well, they are the ones paying the bounty prices (not sure) but its a bit sad that you cant actually receive missions from agents working for them.

so it seems this is because of Incursions and how profitable (apparently) they were comparable to taking missions. guess i can understand it but then, couldnt CCP just add another LP for it?

i mean, we have LP store for resource wars and they arent tied to anything, Incursion LP could get moved to something similar with its own rewards.

in exchange we could get concord mission agents back and perhaps get add a watered down T1/Faction version of the concord ships as incentive to get LP from them (maybe even unique police skins, as skins have become pretty popular, or even apparel stuff).

i dunno, im just disappointed you cant align with the local police and work for them without doing incursions for the LP.

CONCORD isn’t local police, facpol is.

And every single NPC bounty is paid out by them btw…

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The purpose of CONCORD is for normal humans to police the space gods.
They protect the cattle from us.

–Gadget knows her rights


A good portion of the playerbase is cattle (though they might disagree).

Incase you didn’t know Concord hates capsuleers because through our reckless actions we cause alot of non-capsuleers deaths.

It’s not official, but with the crime mechanics you can attack people with suspect/criminal timers. I have a good time occasionally randomly aggressing on pilots with timers.

i’d like to try hunting people with bounties but i dont have the tracker or pvp skills for it in case they retaliate.

i was thinking more on just taking missions from them and perhaps buy stuff from their LP store in case they had anything interesting. its really disappointing to be honest.

You know what… CCP should add this just to stop these threads.

Let players join up with CONCORD. When players are participating in CONCORD duties, they stay docked in a deadspace station in a CONCORD ship until they get a notification of player aggression. Then they’re allowed to warp to the aggressed player and pop them. Then they can hang around for a short time and warp back to the deadspace station. No attacking other players, no hanging around to provide intel, just filling the role of CONCORD as it’s filled now.

(EDIT no looting, and NPC CONCORD will still kill players even if they don’t, just as quickly as before).

Then we’ll see if they really want to work for CONCORD.


I like this.

So what do CONCORD pilots do while waiting for aggression? Station scams maybe?

–Gadget kids


moo ooo moooo
<translation: No am not>


they have space gods too, lore wise.

More so OP does your local police or FBI just let you join in on a crime scene and chase down a murder?

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