Unconscionable Capsuleer Conduct in Null Security Space

Intercepted dispatch from AEGIS Provost Marshal Colonel Kasiha Valkanir to Inner Circle Headquarters, Yulai
Capsuleers in null security space have long been considered beneficial to our operations. A misguided fraction of them have aligned with the Concord-hostile factions, but this has always been outweighed by those that have chosen to align themselves with us and fight against the pirate influences. Due to the fundamental mercenary nature of these stateless capsuleer-entrepreneurs, Concord has a long-standing bounty system to encourage them to point their guns at our desired targets.

Research over the past two years has been focused on modelling pirate proliferation in the systems that are colloquially referred to as “sovereign null.” Since these areas are devoid of permanent infrastructure related to hostile pirate factions, we had considered them to be areas of low pirate activity. The immense bounty payouts coming from some of these systems has long been a mystery to us.

We have studied several regions and our results are difficult to believe – but the data is conclusive. We have been providing capsuleers with security-status benefits and generous rewards. These same capsuleers have developed technology to allow Concord-hostile factions to proliferate indefinitely, by reconfiguring their infrastructure hubs. The capsuleers then attack the ships and structures that their hubs attracted. It is akin to raising livestock for them – all to collect the bounties that Concord offers, and sometimes to pick over the scrap left on the battlefield.

I urge the central office to consider restructuring our nullsec bounty payouts, where this shocking industry is taking place. The effect of the modified hubs is system-specific, so perhaps bounty payouts could be scaled accordingly.

You’re going to have to offer more evidence that these are the words of Provost Marshal Valkanir.

Not only does concern with routine pirate bounties in null sec seem to be outside of the scope of her current position, but she’s also the kind of person that independent capsuleers would be keen to put words in the mouth of.

Also, if she truly does have much sway in the realm of security status benefits, I wish she had been a bit more generous in that regard to those of us who fought the Triglavians.

Unless my memory fails me such an initiative as you speculate upon would be far more likely to fall under the auspices of the DED and the leadership of Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall, CONCORD jurisdiction in lawless space remains to the best of my understanding solely their purview.

You mean the IHUB modifications built from blueprints obtained… from CONCORD? The ones that directly affect how much we pay each month to maintain that IHUB… to CONCORD? On a payment structure established and regulated… by CONCORD?

They’ve been looking at restructuring their bounty awards for years. Still, somehow, I don’t think CONCORD’s at all surprised by the technology they developed and license out to us. And, you know, those IHUB modifications don’t ‘allow Concord-hostile factions to proliferate indefinitely’. They allow us to detect pirate operations more accurately, so we can attack them. The pirates are already there. We just use the IHUB upgrades to find them.

That’s why, in fact, the IHUB upgrades, which are listed on the SCC market, are labelled… wait, you’ll love this:
Pirate Detector Array’. Because it just detects them.

But, you know, try again maybe?

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Closed for referencing forbidden and prohibited content. This includes “intercepted” messages by High Officials of CONCORD or the DED, regardless of validity or integrity.

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