Drifters hunting individual pilots and Nullsec Blackout

First of all, the old as the time question: Whom to blame?

There is something wrong in Drifters, they never state their demands and just going for what they want without even trying to trade for that: in many cases trade gives you what you want for less used up resources than military solution, that usually becomes way more expensive and used only in extreme situations. That makes me think that they might not be as sentient as some researchers claim. For me their actions look like they’re automated defense system that got artificial intelligence and now just attacks what threats them.

As scope has mentioned they’re being more inclined towards “hunting down and destroying individual pilots”. With that comes question: whom exactly do they kill? Did their victims attacked sleeper structures in wormhole space? Did they attack Drifter hives themselves?

I think it will be profitable if we can categorize offenses against Drifters and make a database of persons wanted by Drifters.

Could they also be responsible for increased activity of Drifters and following Blackout? Punishing them might help lift the blame from CONCORD and somewhat pacify nullsec crowd in case they are planning any riots or worse.

In answer to the question about the victims, no, it doesn’t seem governed by those that entered the Hives. The vast majority of victims are pilots engaged against the various pirates in Nullsecurity anomalies or moving between gates, and whom have never stepped foot in a Drifter Hive in their lives! The attacks appear to be, generally, random, so it’s natural that those pilots in a situation where they are most vulnerable (travelling blindly or busy engaging pirates) would be the most likely to be caught.

Second, the proposed blackout is being described as a result of a shortage of the isotope needed for communications systems. That’s a logistical issue that would be utterly unrelated to any so called ‘crimes’ by any individuals and instead a failing by the DED to manage their supply chains.



It hasn’t even been happening for half a week now. The only k-space activity we’ve seen since Monday has been in Observatory systems. So whatever CONCORD’s problem is, they’re full of crap.

Maybe they just don’t like nullsec capsuleers and want to disrupt you.

Just a thought.

And if they’d just say that, they wouldn’t be full of crap. But blaming Drifter attacks that aren’t happening? Yeah, that’s ‘full of crap’.

It’s like you have no idea how governments work or something.

It’s like knowing how governments work doesn’t mean that they can’t still be utterly full of crap.

Honestly, Aldrith, what part of this don’t you get? I’m not saying ‘omg, this is terrible’ or ‘this is great’, I’m just saying that CONCORD’s lying through their teeth if they’re gonna claim sustained Drifter attacks that a)weren’t sustained, and b)aren’t attacking, are interrupting their logistical capabilities. They wanna do this, great. They wanna lie to us about why? They can do that, too. They’re still fulla crap.

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Seems only natural. Probably trying to avoid another Goonswarm ‘protest’ that involves thousands of people dying.

Why would we, as an org, care what their reasons are?

I do not pretend Goonswarm makes any sense, and nor should you.


Unlike your relationship with your government, I don’t have to pretend to understand what’s going on. I’m actively part of the decision-making process.

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