My first question on the new forums!

(JC Mieyli) #21

ok i see your point now
you are looking for ways to extend your ability to hunt targets
im not gonna argue against that because i think its a good idea
what does it add to the game that good hunters cant do already

and what does it take away from waht good hunters already do

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #22

and Bounty hunting mission agents would be a little different from regular security mission agents. the missions would basically be more alike the Faction warfare mission. giving more LP and more cash for NPC bounties. but not so much as to be overpowered

(JC Mieyli) #23

it makes no difference to me
most people are really easy to find

take my current mark
im sat in the same station as him right now
it makes no difference because i wont attack with an account he recognises
i’ll use an alt whch has no association to my name or kb

(JC Mieyli) #24

i honestly dont know why this forum hates quoting your posts so much

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #25

well right now good hunters cannot just kill anyone anywhere. for free reign you have to go to null sec which can be dangerous in itself and in low and high sec you get security status hits. basically the system allows players to be recognized as actual bounty hunters and give bounty hunting more of an actual profession in EVE. secondly it adds the ability to pick and choose where you go to find bounties as well as being able to bounty hunt anywhere in new eden. instead of only going for bounties in your area you can expand your reach so to speak.

and it takes away exploitation, maybe not all of it but enough to actually make a difference.
it takes away the huge limitations that not just good bounty hunters have but the rest of the players that wish to be successful. it also takes away just floating in space hoping you come across someone with a high bounty.
it also takes away the need for your bounty to be in an expensive ship to actually gain anything worth while.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #26

To make the quote work you have to highlight what you want to quote then hit reply.

and the only way you will be able to collect the bounty is if that player is actually part of the bounty hunting faction.

also you can move anywhere bounty hunting you can move somewhere where no one knows you. so you won’t need an alt to take someone down

(JC Mieyli) #27

in the past we were able to add the people we hate to a watchlist
nowadays you have to make friends with them first
to get that intel
it doesn’t matter though
as long as you know their prefered space
their timesone and their activities
its easy to find anyone

between kbs
locator agents
and just talking to people
you can easily find anyone you want

take you for instance
i look up your kb
see you hang around black rise
see you roll with a cruiser gang
rarely run solo so i need a rattlesnake to bait and destroy

i dont need an npc to tell me that

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #28

true but honestly the NPC is merely a suggestion so the NPC sifts through all that info for you. but your right its not needed but it helps make things easier. and allows a Narrowing search that can be purchased out of pocket so instead of getting the info hes in blackrise. you can purchase info saying i’m at this constellation at time of purchase. so you would actually have to balance between cost and gain.

(JC Mieyli) #29

and i understand your point
youre trying to add a reward incentive to bounty hunting
and i can appreciate that

my point is
you dont need a reward incentive
if you want to hunt someone ank kill them
the kill is the only reward that matters

any isk reward or loot reward is irrelevant

i mean in all your years of pvp
do you honestly loot the wrecks you kill?
maybe sometimes… but the loot is irrelevant
hunting isnt about stealling the mods that drop
unless youre hunting officer fit bears

you’re a nice guy though and i appreciate that you have kept a calm demeanor with me throughout this argument
thumbs up :slight_smile:

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #30

thank you :smiley: i always try to keep it civil.

and as far as reward goes whats every ones goal? to plex their account as to not spend money anymore.

bounty hunting as a profession should allow players if they work hard enough to plex their account. make a living and be able to replace ships that could be lost. right now with the current system in place makes that almost impossible. if it wasn’t that hard moar people would be doing it.

the two professions i wanted to play were exploration (my alt) and Bounty hunting my main. i would resub my account today if Bounty hunting was an obtainable career. FW doesn’t do it for me anymore because despite what my KB says i would love to be a solo pvp’r.

(JC Mieyli) #31

we will agree to disagree :slight_smile:
still cant figure out why this forum hates your quotes
anyway my point is
hunting has never been about hte profit and i dont feel it should be
beyond that
ill leave it open to your own ideas

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #32

but why do you say that? the goal in almost every profession is to earn enough money to either
A. replace your losses. if your subbed you don’t really have to worry about plex. and lets face it in eve losses can drain your wallet.
B. make enough to plex AND replace your losses.

not everyone wants to have 5 other alts to do industry to make isk to pay for your accounts. and they shouldn’t have to do another profession with their main to make isk to replace their bounty hunting losses.

(Blade Darth) #33

In null and wh people don’t care about bounty or flashy status so it doesn’t work there either.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #34

well bounties hunters won’t care that people in null and WH won’t care. because the bounty hunter would be in a bounty hunting faction and people in null and WH won’t be. so they won’t need to not care because they won’t get the bounty anyways.

but if your talking about players with bounties ON them. thats why bounty hunters would be hunting them down in WH and null.

(Blade Darth) #35

Bit better than the current system but still exploitable (if payout is higher than ship value I’d just kill myself with an alt in “bounty hunter” faction).

And about being hunted in a wh “for bounties”… Did you even poke your nose outside of HS?

  1. 0.0 you have “bounty status” permanently, the fancier the ship and the harder you smack talk the higher the “bounty”
  2. bounty hunter or even a “hunter roam” set on a goal to kill someone would have to go 20-50 jumps and 3 gatecamps only to get dropped by supers or baited on a “solo rattlesnake” in a wh.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #36

the payout is never going to be any fraction of what the ship is worth, this system completely does away with that. you get a % of the total bounty. and to even get an alt into bounty hunting you have to have pre-requisits. high sec status and an x amount of standing with all main factions. so you have to work to become a bounty hunter. you will not be able to just create an alt and throw it into bounty hunting.

on top of that the lower sec space your at you will prob acrue alot of bounty. but it will def be harder to kill you. so going after 0.0 or WH targets gives you the most money. just like every other profession. the lower the sec space the more money you make.

and yes i did poke my nose everywhere, don’t make assumptions. it just makes you look like an ass. i’ve been in every scale of security space.

(Blade Darth) #37


Who said anything about creating? I already have an alt meeting your criteria.

Killing ratters and scooping their faction gear is a profession. And you don’t need any sort of bounty system to do it.

Not deep enough. You don’t seem to know that nullbears don’t put bounties on each other (and do not use the ingame wardec system, for similar reasons).
Don’t tell me what to do
Yeah, I am one. Surprise.

For me this game feature doesn’t exist, so there is nothing to fix.
More radical ideas needed, a completely new mechanic.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #38

well like most “bitter” vets you think you know the game better then everyone else obviously. and your too stuck up the ass of the old ways to even fathom the idea that a system like i’m describing might change the tune for everyone about placing bounties on other corps or players.

i mean hell null bears don’t make up the entire player base, and there are explorers and whatnot that venture out into null. i guarantee i can fly out to null and find a crap load of nullbears with bounties on them jsut for killing travelers.

all that being said i really doubt you speak for every null sec player out there. so your words have no merit.

(Blade Darth) #39

Not a bittervet (omg senpai, I’m blushing), as you mentioned yourself, I’m just an ass.

I speak for my friends and for the 2 or 3 blob alliances I came into contact with.
Not counting smaller entities I got alts in.
Not claiming to speak for “every” player anywhere, where did you find that. Quote pls.
Who do you speak for?

Also my current main is in a low sec alliance so joke is on you.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #40

and i’m in FW with an alt that explores null and other regions of space.

i mean it might not be commonplace to place bounties in null sec, but the AIM here is CHANGE as in changing the norm, making bounty hunting great again. so hell null bears could place a bounty on a corp and ask a bounty hunting corp to help them out. everyone wins. the possibilities are endless and change is good. you never know if that kind of system was implemented i bet alot of nullbears would change their minds about placing bounties.