My first question on the new forums!

(Chainsaw Plankton) #41

bounty hunting!? I’m open to proposals, but well, pretty much everything I’ve ever seen on the subject blows major arse…

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #42

well read up on my idea a few replies up

EDIT: quite a few replies up actually haha

(Chainsaw Plankton) #43

you have a tl;dr?

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #44

(Chainsaw Plankton) #45

yea that’s a lot of text, I just want to know what do I shoot?

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #46

this is a prequel to a possible petition to get CCP to actually take action on this game mechanic.

(Keno Skir) #47

It’s not supposed to be safe anywhere.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #48

i didn’t say it would be completely safe. but here’s the fact. i hate code. and i’ve never even dealt with them. that being said they shouldn’t be exploiting the system like that. not without wardec’ing thats what that was for. and honestly EVERYONE should be given a chance to fight back. most of the cearbears in highsec afk mining aren’t a threat to anyone, and i kinda wanna see code crumble to a bunch of bounty hunters because all the afk miners put a huge bounty on the corp.

i’m not saying safe. just saying even. balanced.

(Dom Arkaral) #49

They’re not exploiting anything lol
EVE isn’t supposed to be safe even in HS

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #50

they are actually but i don’t feel like sitting here and explaining it to you.

(Dom Arkaral) #51

Maybe you should know that I know what you’re talking about lol

You’re the Xth guy to bring that lil argument to the table

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #52

well 50 million elvis fans can’t be wrong. it is a fact, when you do something not intended and you find a way to work around a system that is supposed to keep you from doing that. its an exploit. plain and simple. CODE should have been kicked out of HS a long time ago just because of simple game mechanics and not enough security status.

(Dom Arkaral) #53

Ganking is not an exploit
Just because YOU think it’s wrong, doesn’t mean it is.

And to quote CCP, It’s working as intended :joy:

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #54

hey don’t put words in my mouth i said it was an exploit, i didn’t say it was wrong. i’m simply saying its overpowering other players and every player should have a way to balance the books so to speak. bounty hunters are needed now more then ever. especially with all these new ships, modules and features. new corps popping up. i’m saying that the miners should have SOME way to fight back. the one and only reason CODE is hated so much is becuase they prey on practically helpless miners and its not just the miners that hate code. people who never even dealt with code hate code. because alot of players in null and low sec feel code is a bunch of pansies who prey on helpless miners and would love to test code with real fighting.

bounty hunting would provide that.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #55

Getting back on topic…

Your concept sounds almost like splitting burner missions out of normal missions and making them accessible through special bounty hunter agents.

Am I wrong?

(Dom Arkaral) #56

Last people that wanted to fight me (14 of them) blueballed me in my little t2 cruiser.
They also lost 3b total vs 250m for us

Matter of fact remains that gankers put the risk in highsec. And EVE is based on risk vs reward

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #57

you are correct. granted i don’t see why you wouldn’t still get the small bounties on random NPC encounters out in space. but all in all it makes bounty hunting alot like FW because i truly believe the core problem of bounty hunting is “anyone can do it” and as long as that factor exists it will never work.

(Tengu Grib) #58

%20 but yes.

(Blade Darth) #59

Confusing high security with absolute security aka. something that does not exist.

Was it great or even not-sucking at any point in eve history? I agree current system is useless and needs an overhaul but
a) we got much bigger problems right now. “summer of rage/ eve is really dying” kind of problems. Bounties are not part of current problems.
b) number of players interested (or even remembering) the bounty system is abysmal. 3% of players were using captain quarters and it got removed. I wonder how many people care about/ use bounties.
c) it needs to be exploit-proof, so far none of the proposals meet this criteria

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #60

i’m guessing there are at least a thousand people since 2012 that i have looked up that joined EVE with the hopes of being a bounty hunter. only to be told that the system does not work.

that being said i think that eve isn’t dying. it is simply stagnant with no hope of returning to its former glory.

the only way i see the game returning to its former glory is to remake some career mechanics. right now all the careers are great but they have been played to boredness. they need to add more. and bounty hunting would be the first step, another thing that might help is adding new wonders to the game. stuff like that.

and only 3% used the walking station because it was never finished. and doesn’t have any hope of ever being finished. bounty hunting is kind of in the same boat. only 3% are actually using the mechanic because it was in a sense never finished. or made to a point where it was actually feesable.

if CCP wants to keep eve alive they need to stop doing that. they need to finish they need to stop whatever they are doing and take a step back look at the big picture. and fix all the broken mechanics. instead of phasing out POS’s and revamping moons for god sakes. thats why people keep thinking eve is dying.