Feedback on Quantum Core idea

@CCP_Dopamine and @CCP in general:

Reposting this as a thread, as it likely is buried in the actual feedback thread.

I really, really wish you guys would finally learn. You have a community of people that would gladly give you ideas for how to implement meaningful changes to solve the issues that EvE has.

  • Never balance by cost:
    You should almost never balance by cost. That solves absolutely nothing for existing powerhouses, and hurts newer players that will continue the game when the older players burn out. And also make us old players burn out faster, as we’re getting freakin’ bored – you guys just don’t listen to us when we bring up things that would change for the better! The closest change has been Triglavian invasions, but that just seems like a 5th house with static space, at this point. Really hoped for dynamic faction space… sigh.
    The problem with structures was not the cost. I believe the costs were already in a good place – not too cheap to be pissed out a window, but not so expensive to prevent players from getting one.
    The reason balance by cost will not be effective is that older entities have already set up ISK printers. These will not fail to print ISK, and as the inflation of ISK increases due to yet another dumb ‘balance by cost’ change, their ISK printers will keep up because inflation will go to the items they produce as well.
  • Other options :
    1. Balance by number/corp.
      Balance them by Corp/Alliance. But that would be sub-optimal – it would still allow for ISK printers to have alt head-farms as holding entities. This wouldn’t really solve anything, so it is a bad idea (or just needs more refinement to address ISK printers).
    2. Get ISK printers out .
      Another likely bad idea for industrialists, but certainly SHOULD be done for head-farms.
      There needs to be ISK generation in large quantities to churn out the ships and modules in the volumes that we consume them, without making inflation skyrocket. The limiting factor to ISK printers used to be accounts, but then you guys seriously screwed up by introducing skill injectors, and really went all-in on the screw-up when you then started handing out SP & injectors like candy, that weren’t even generated by players (you broke that promise real fast. Trust<<nul).
      Head-farmers can be created with minimal investment, and do not (directly) generate income for CCP. Granted, they probably do through PLEX purchases to buy the injectors, but in the end, its a bad long-term solution. Eventually the return on injecting is poor, and once you reach critical mass, a player doesn’t even need to pay for their main toons either. It also allows for more people to create head-farms faster, which in turn also stop paying for the game. Eventually someone will write up an article on some popular website which will give a step by step on how to pay once for the game and never again, and that will effectively neuter CCPs income and you’ll fold, along with this awesome game. Guess the (idiotic, short sighted) investors will be really happy for a year or two before it dies, though.
    3. Balance by number/space.
      CCP could balance the proliferation of structures in space by implementing… drum roll … limits of the space. Just throwing out overly simplistic numbers here: 1 Keepstar within 10LY (makes Titans not instant since they jump 5LY). 4 Forts in same range, and say, 10 Astrahaus. Fortizars would then be actual forts, holding the dreads and other caps at the choke points, Keepstars would be the seat of power for the area, and able to house the heavy hitters. Astras would be like the outposts. Not sure how to deal with industrial structures, but they should be balanced similarly.

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