Oz (CSM) kindly requesting your input regarding trading & markets features and issues <3

Dear fellow EVE players, Oz here, CSM18 member.

On last week’s show around 300 viewers and I collected ideas for (loosely) markets & trading related features and current issues in EVE online. Here’s a link to the clip on Twitch.

I sorted and aggregated these ideas and put them in a survey, which aims to prioritize this list into a manageable subset to be discussed with CCP in my official role as CSM member. It should only take about 5 minutes to fill out.

I am posting it here to maximize the reach and allow as many people as possible to provide input. Again, here is the link to the survey .

Disclaimer: Yes, I am aware that there may be other, more pressing issues for EVE overall. This is not supposed to be a complete list. I am deliberately focussing on one topic first because it is likely the biggest reason I (Oz) was voted onto the CSM. <3


Market and market UI bugs/deficiencies are definitely long overdue.

CCP did a lot of work with “scarcity” and changes to manufacturing side of stuff in an effort to “improve” the economy (with…lackluster results). A lot of additional benefit (including isk sinks to the greater economy) with changes to the market side would be helpful, and also make the half-tax yearly event much more meaningful!

The changes to the system industrial factor thing did absolutely nothing, the LS/NS material bonus for manufacturing, and efficiency increases for refining dwarf the cost differences to the point where it literally doesn’t matter in 99% of situations. It would be great for that to be changed around, or at the very least experimented with.

still, thank you for putting this together!

A quirk of google surveys…for anonymous surveys (like this one), when you complete it, google has a nice little thing at the top to “retake survey”. Hopefully you can filter out the repeat/spammed entries without too much trouble.

Some opinions (I’m sticking to market but I have more issues with industry) :

  1. add recursive orders. Once an order is completed, if it had a recursive_volume, then a new order is created with the same price, initial volume, and the initial volume is removed from the recursive volume. If there is not enough money to place the order, then the recursive_volume is returned to the owner.
  2. the homogenization of behavior (multi buy …)is good, though I would not get a benefit from it
  3. selling from cans … OMFG this is long overdue.
  4. add the ability to place containers (stacked, like mobile depot) in containers(especially station warehouse).

It multiplied the entry cost by 3 or something like that for some markets. The cost to research BPOs has been multiplied by … a lot, with index multiplied by 2-3 and base % from 0 to 1.75 - so a 0.4% before now is a 3%

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Strange lists, some are actually red flag no-gos, like all proposals to push people into splitting up market hubs. Multiple small market hubs are not a good thing for EvE, but could be game breaking bad, as you lose the efficiency for buyers. There is even not enough trade volume anymore to ensure a smooth Jita market all time.

Most other things are nice to have, except selling from containers which I consider prio high. What I miss, and would be my number one item is a multi-buy order (with multiples) taking into account for the existing stock at some target location.

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@The_Oz thank you for showing some effort to really get some things changed for the better.

I just wanted to drop in some hints:

  • an adjustable tax/fee mechanic by trading volume has to make sure you are not nerfing an ISK-sink here. If you reduce the taxes/fees for remote markets (and you have to offer a significant discount to make it worthwile), you have to increase taxes/fees in the hubs a bit to compensate.

  • same goes for convenience options like order duration: don’t just reduce fees for shorter orders, as it would lower the ISK sink power of the mechanic. You have to reward high-effort activities like short orders but at the sime time increase the fees for high-convenience orders (90d) a bit to compensate. Overall the ISK taken out of the system by the fees shall stay the same.

Multiple small markets could be “bad” for buyers, but certainly not awful: just about every new player will hear, from multiple sources, that Jita is THE place to go for the best price. Buying anywhere else may cost more, but if the buyer is willing to pay, the mark-up could be interpreted as a “convenience tax”, if it reduces a player’s travel time. (Also assuming the mark-up price is not multiple times over Jita.)

Some stuff that has bothered me for a long time:

  1. (MEDIUM:) “Confirm order” popup when placing market buy order should extend from, or be attached to, the Buy Order dialog.

• So often user window layouts get confusing, popup windows add to this.
• Reduce window management by turning any/all “Are you sure?” market price adjustment popups into a temporary extension of the UI panel that needs the confirmation.
• This user can forget which item is being updated within seconds, when a long list of market orders are being placed or adjusted.

  1. (LITTLE:) “Confirm order” floating popup should include item name in its text: (only if the suggestion above is unworkable.)

• Example: “This market order (for [item name]) will cost ___ ISK (___%) in broker’s fees to set up. Are you sure you want to continue?”

  1. (COMPLEX:) Consolidate / reduce number of windows needed to manage Market orders.

Market traders need to manage the layouts of three different windows:

A) Wallet Market Transactions, to review what was bought or sold.
B) Market Orders, to review current buy/sell orders.
C) [name of Region] Market, for research, to see what orders are beating us, and to purchase items. This is probably the most-used UI window, by all players.

• Could (A) and (B) be consolidated into one window, as a tab of one or the other?
• Could Market Transactions become a 3rd pane, above or below Selling and Buying?

Not to mention that all the other hubs depend to an existential level on Jita to be THE hub for a variety of reasons.

  • Only Jita offers every thing at reasonable prices.
  • Only Jita is a reliable source for all things you need.
  • Only Jita allows everyone to trade on neutral ground
  • Only Jita allows the other hubs to stay/be stocked on a reliable basis.
  • Only Jita allows the other hubs to stay/be stocked with not too extreme price hikes that make them untennable.

Breaking up markets only sounds like a great thing to achieve to people who have no idea what they are talking about, or worse, it comes from people who follow ulterior motives that do not have the good of the game in mind. A more fragmented market leads to less market activity and game activity overall, fewer people being able to buy and thus do things in space, more frustration for all players. Breaking up Jita has no benefits for the game.

Besides, most of the time it is only lazy people who ask for the breaking up of Jita. It is already very well possible to establish other hubs. Stacmon, Osmon, Hek, Sasta, Orvolle, Ammamake, Keberz, Agil, Azer and a few others all came into existence despite Jita being there. If people really want to break up Jita, they should start selling their things in other places and make other places the go to location for the products they want to sell. People buy in hubs if the hubs offer them EVERYTHING they NEED and WANT in one place. You can already achieve that today, without any need for game breaking changes that will only cater to lazy, unwilling, learning-resistant players.


do this please: at the momment you are buying something, in that window where you type how many units you want, it should calculate the m3 and show you how many m3 for those units you are typing (in real time)

I am tired of having to show info and do the math, takes time and effort for something that should be in the window already


Why in the Market Orders > Corporation Orders there’s no escrow, no buy orders total, no sell orders total and can’t also filter by wallet division

Also, in the Market Orders window, in all tabs if you click and then press CONTROL A, it will not select all lines so I can’t copy all and paste all in a spreadsheet


Can we finally have 180 days contracts?

It is a lot of work trading through contracts, there’s the clicking, the new contract window is slow, there’s the fear of doing something wrong and getting ripped off… and all that for only 30 days?

Make it 180 and we can do it with more care and less stress, it is a chore remaking the contracts. We have to reduce chores and clicks

One more thing very important for reducing chores and clicks on contacts:

  • a Link button: so we can alt tab outside EVE and paste the link on sites, discords, spreadsheets, sites like https://mutaplasmid.space/ and other sites

Nowdays we have to drag and drop the contract into a chat, then press ENTER, then right click the contract, then choose COPY

This request is very small but it is significant for the people who consider contracts as a serious business choice

@The_Oz two more tiny requests, these are very important to me and other people

The contracts system as whole needs a rework.
At the very least, the screen for searching for available contracts needs a rework, the [multiple items] waste of space needs a revamp.
Multiple fitted ships in contracts should be able to be simulated individually, and a better idea of which rigs/modules are fitted to which ship.

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Wallet, Transactions Tab: Item selection dropdown should allow text entry search AND be a dropdown. Put a few hundred entries in there and see why.

New Buy Order, when set to Advanced and/or not instantaneous, should not use the Sell order values.

New Sell Order, when set to Advanced and/or not instantaneous, should not use the Buy order values

New Buy order or new Sell order should auto highlight the price box like the modify interface does

Allow complex searches in seach bar in the market tab, so searches can be done for, say, all destroyer hull SKINs, or all Dread Guristas midslot items. Or even cooler: all midslot items with 500+ volume/day in the range of 10k-2M ISK. Make me love you forever and implement regex.

Links copied from one note to the other lose their linky-ness.

Gimme a stopwatch. Plz.

Also, I want a pony, and a puppy and the EVE Jukebox back.


On top of what others have said logistics is a neglected area. Without an improvement, the economy will continue to centralize around Jita.

My proposal is the ability to send items in high sec for a reasonable amount of ISK

Can already do that. It’s called a courier contract.

Not really

I have put up a bunch of courier contracts on an alt. The reward is 10% of the est. value and the collateral is about 125% of the est. value. I don’t think they will be picked up but lets see.

Perhaps introducing orders for 120|150|180 days and those together with orders for 90 days gradually increase in price as they block cargo space of the station.

Sending items in high sec could be a big isk sink the only downside is that its considered “anti eve” but there are only benefits as far as i can see. its sad noone will live to see the day when this essential feature is implemented