Hi everybody.
I was checking some modules in Jita, Hek, etc…
There are whole sections of modules completely missing, or with a supply stock
dangerously below the limits…
The new Navy Battlecruisers… there are 6, 7, in total…
Shield and Armor repair modules metas completely missing…
I’m playing like always, maybe a little less mining, but still…
How can this market apocalypse be reverted??
Where are the builders???
Can CCP PLEASE do something like a special injection of HUMOUR to spread life
to EVE?? An innatural MArket intervention is not likely to solve any long term issue…
MAybe short term… like impose a price cap to some basic commodities…
but at the same time revert some mechanics and start a interplanetary bonanza…



I’ve several times seen Quad Light Beam Lasers completely missing at Jita…and even Dodixie having a small supply.

Gaps are good, they create opportunities. Just takes some time for people to react.


The reason there’s gaps is because there’s less players. That means less people producing and buying. The only “gap” to fill… is warm bodies.

OP, you are seeing first hand the problem with population decline. Turns out, the environmentalists were wrong all along.


Yes. But lots of people never bothered with production because it simply wasn’t worthwhile, because it was messed up by the myriad of production alt account #17 from npc player #8539. As long as we have to tell newbies that it’s nigh impossible to make any actual profit with normal production due to over saturation then there’s still too many of them.

Those gaps exist and they will be filled by new players or players who feel that an equilibrium has reached and it’s now worthwhile to start doing it.


Well the new Battlecruisers require a lot of farming to get a BPC of…not a lot of people are putting that much effort into getting more than 1 to sell on the market.

Keep in mind that basic tech 1 and 2 modules are made by players, but all the ‘meta’ modules come from PVE drops.

For quite a long time, people with massive stockpiles of manufactured modules, or people who sold below production cost because “hey free minerals if I mine them myself, right?”, or the presence of better meta modules on the market meant most players either didn’t manufacture, manu’d for their own needs, or only manu’d specific profitable items for sale.

After Scarcity cleared a lot of stockpiles and you get a substantial drop in active players (because CCP’s been doing everything they can to drive players away), you end up with very few people making standard modules, very few meta drops from PvE (because despite all the noise from some circles about “mass farming of PvE”, standard PvE activity is way down), and fewer traders shipping between hubs (because CCP has also done their best to kill trading and make Jita the "one true hub), well… you end up with a lot less variety on the shelves and empty shelves in some ‘hubs’.

May as well stock up on whatever you can find now, because the situation ain’t getting any better.




It’s an opportunity. People can rat and sell the valuable meta stuff now :smiley:


It can’t. Nothing can stand against corporate greed.

I’m still gun-mining. Not because it makes sense these days, but because it doesn’t.
I’ll start selling some stuff instead. If we all chip in…

Sometimes it is easier to just place buy orders and reprocess all that t1 junk than undocking in a orca fleet to mine.


For where there is no demand there is no offer.

Null/low/wh players only trade in Jita. They have no need to go to other tradehubs.

As for highsec players, a lot of them moved their homes closer to Jita (either due to this exact market issue, or because filaments and abyssals), the other half are miners like you who only mine and mine and mine so they don’t need much. PVErs in highsec aren’t losing ships much either. And given the extra price in other tradehubs, players are willing to fly to Jita and bring it from there themselves rather than buy it for 20%+ more at Dodixie/Rens//Amarr.

Aaand there are players like me who are buying whole stocks of items from these “offshore” hubs to move them to Jita where they have higher price which further lowers the offer there and forces players to go to Jita.


  • there is no need to do anything with this
  • if you want to do anything with this you have all the tools you need for it ingame, stop crying to CPP like children
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I once attempted to make a similar argument about Eve being primarily a demand-driven market due to how the taxes around listing and re-listing fees work, but that conversation got incredibly toxic really quickly.

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Pricing something below the cost (time and money) of producing it will squelch it’s production.

Preach it, sister! A POX on the person who thought up the Trigs. “Oh, but they have great ships!” Sure. P2W all the way.

On other forum posts the never ending argument about ganking goes on, but ganking definitely serves as friction to the ONE TRADE HUB tendency. I mean, what the Hek!

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A big factor in the trade hub thing is the change to brokers fees. It used to be the case that you could effectively renew an order for a very small amount of ISK by changing the price a tiny amount. This means that people could set up 90 day orders, knowing that there was a high likelihood they would not be fulfilled, but then refresh it before the end of the 90 day timer.

With the changes, each time you renew an order it costs a percentage of the whole order. This means that you’re far more likely to lose ISK if you post order in locations with less activity. As some items then dry up in the smaller hubs, other items then follow (as people tend to like to buy everything in one place). All of this serves to drive traders into hubs.

CCP could fix this by giving the ability to renew the timer on an order with no cost, assuming the price of the order wasn’t changed at the same time.


Get rid of sky high relist fees and bring back margin trading and you will see the markets in more remote areas improve overnight.

Relist fees - when you are selling in more remote areas a lot of orders won’t fill. Why take the risk when you can sell faster and guaranteed in Jita.

Margin Trading - when your buy orders cost 4x up front than they used and may or may not fill over a long period that is a ton of isk tied up. Then stack the high new fees on top for the order. This means it is no longer good business to place such buy orders in slow markets.

So CCP caused market consolidation / killed other hubs with their terrible changes, rather than it just being low player numbers.


old market old industry
way better