CCP, Fix the Heimatar Market

It’s not working since yesterday!



Confirmed. The Heimatar market is broken for all toons.


Yeah, definitely not good. For the past couple days have had new players in RUN Corp chat asking how can they complete Career Agents missions when Market is down.

I’ve been telling them to go to Hek system in Metropolis region.

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Looks like the entire population of Heimatar should be spamming the stuck petitions.


Yeah, nearby Metropolis Hek is working ok.

My plans for this weekend also were nullified btw. I planned to put on the market around 9B ISK in sell orders of stuff I built recently and to buy/fit a HAM PVE Loki for Epic Arcs. Going to try “Wildfire”.

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Yeah, the local Ren’s chat is filled with anger and sadness. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s a shame CCP can’t even fix the damn Market. If I didn’t know better I’d swear they’re trying to kill off Rens as a Minmatar Trade Hub.

You’ll enjoy the Arc, I use a Loki to run all of the lv 4 arcs.

Last time I ran the Minmatar arc about 3 months ago, the first mission - A Demonstration - was bugged. The site spawns as an anomaly all over the constellation and other explorers will run it.

Now the site is suppose to respawn but it’s bugged and the completed sites won’t despawn so no new sites will spawn. If you wanna actually run the site, you’ll have to log in right after downtime to do it.


Aha! Thanks for the info. I know that unfinished missions after DT become bugged also. Can explorers run those Arc anomalies? As I know, you need a very ‘tanky’ ship to perform them. How effective can be a HAM Loki there (I mean the ratio between elite frigates and BC/BS)?

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Most Epic Arc mission sites are static just for the player but this site spawns as an anomaly just in that constellation so anyone can run it. Like I said it was bugged 3 months ago. Luckily I already had the mission objective since there’s 3 of them available at the site and only 1 is needed to complete it.

With a good defensive tank you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remember that the last chapter of the Minmatar arc sends you into Ammatar space so hopefully you have Ammatar Faction above -5.00 standing.

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Wait a minute, Heimatar got market?
Nonsense, only 4 markets exist: Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Thera.

Just submitted a bug report on thsi issue. I’ve noticed it happening on and off for the past few days. I know DT fixed it on Thu. but since then it seems to just decided when it wants to wkr.


This issue is running since few days, like login issues. DT solve the issue but it broke quickly again after few hour.
I submitted a support request but it could be great to have an official update.

At the moment, no one can buy or sell something in Heimatar.

Wait a minute, Heimatar got market?

Yes, the cluster Rens/Frarn/Abduban come just behind Dodixie.

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Obvious conspiracy by the other market hubs is obvious. :alien:

Amarr Victor!


It is supposed to be a joke?

Thera? Is that a market for T3 manufacturing?

There are only three powerful markets in EVE - universal Jita/Ammar and regional Delve. The Jita is used by northern 0.0 Alliances mainly, while Ammar - by southern. Because they at war currently, this adds completely new sense to their usage.

Dodixie and Hek/Rens are used as Hi-Sec and FW markets mainly, with subcap stuff to offer mainly. The main goods there are stuff exchanged for LP and with previous expansion - Moon resources. There are dozens of Tatars and hundreds of Athanors in Metropolis and Heimatar. The same is for nearby Regions.

Nonsense is to fly 30-40 jumps to Jita, every time, to fit a trivial subcap vessel or to deliver there the Moon/PI resources, without a couple of well skilled logistical ALT pilots.

Moreover, there are attempts to establish a South-East market in Curse, for those roaming fleets, with Interceptors, Interdictor, Charges and e.t.c.

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Rens market was broken again all morning. Way before downtime too @ISD_Buldath so this is not just your run of the mill “oh yeah the market takes a while after DT sometimes”.


I always wondered who is Rens and who is Hek in this picture. Now I know …




IDK it’s true or not, but there are rumors about it. The hardware supposed to support the market database node is used to support the AT node. :thinking:

NO it did never despawn after completion, only on DT (and not every DT I think)
The CAN inside respawns, as well as the rats, so you can jump in, open the cans, or go to next system.

Basically you either do that every day after DT, or you purchase the item (from contract ?) at a cheap price that avoids you the hassle to search for it.