Summon The Swarm - Now Live!

Summon The Swarm - Now Live!

The Summon the Swarm update is now live in EVE Online, providing daring pilots with a new opportunity to earn exciting rewards!

Thanks to extensive player testing on the Singularity test server, a number of improvements have been made that significantly enhance the experience of the new update.

Jump over to the article for more information and a CONCORD Preliminary Field Research Report.



Are we supposed to be able to sell the crab beacon BPC’s on the market? Because there is a market entry, and people can place buy orders, but I don’t see any option in the context menu to sell them.

And, of course, they are unused

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Hey Fleebix! Glad to see this finally came through, though I admit some trepidation and concerns over its usability outside anything other than upperscale alliances or corps.

There also seems to be a uh… tiny issue of re-spiked sales tax and broker fees that seems to have shown up



Yeah, been getting several reports of NPC sales taxes going back up with the patch from my guys and girls, even above the previous rise

Apparently capsuleers cannot get more CRABs once their link fails after they run out of CEQs, and they need some downtime before they can go again.

Somebody should, like, market a pill for that, or something.

yeaaa… any events for newer players in smaller ships? :sadparrot:


So, the tax holiday CCP said would go on for 2-3 months 2.5 months ago might have ended? Huh.

No no, they make pills to prevent crabs.


New rates based on the discounted months.

My original concerns were that when I’d checked the patch notes earlier this morning it was undocumented, but has since been ammended when the other devblog popped up


All hail the coffee slayer.

You may now begin chanting…


We’re looking into this, at the moment this seems to be a glitch, thanks for the heads up sir.

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Still surprised this awful thing made it to TQ



soo no information about the site ? only is “on” and we can “use more ships” how about the stats % of each ship
drop spawn rate?
and the type of mods they drop has well of the cost of the beacon?

u are not telling nothing soo i have to wait some ramdom youtuber post the real information?

New patch.

Hmm. Might have been a little too brief. Okay, have a few bullet points

  • new capital PvE content
  • drops new drone mutaplasmids
  • Need to buy/make a beacon, and then activate it with a capital ship (which is temporarily pinned in place, but gets a resist bonus)
  • Mechanics are in place to limit people from crabbing continually in the same system.
  • They also “restricted deployables to to prevent interference with nearby Player Owned Structures or Citadels.” Don’t know the story behind this, but it might have been to prevent structures from helping.
  • There is also a mechanic that prevents the same pilot from activating more than 3 beacons in a day.

Edit: So, apparently the content isn’t very popular. I’ve heard people say that the price of beacons, the 3 site limitation per day, and the low reward of the sites are the reasons why. However, people are hungry for drone mutaplasmids. So, I’m not exactly sure why people consider them unprofitable. Maybe the mutaplasmids have such a low drop rate, that they’re just better off doing other content. Dunno.

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I like that about update content , you have to gather Intel and figure it out . Learn the site and get competent theory crafters to design something that can run it. Brings a sense of exploration to new content . But that’s me


Sounds awful but at least they explained it.

That’s all good and useful to know but you forgot the most important aspect of all CCP patches… how many unintended new Features™ have they introduced? :stuck_out_tongue:


So i did one on Singularity (obviously not gonna risk my real ship in an untested site) And i only made like 80m total. I hope that the double bounty is just missing on sisi. even if it isnt thats not enough. The site is a waste of time and effort. If you want people to do it make it worth it cause belt ratting is more profitable than this thing. I got no loot from the site also. like not even a t1 missile lol.

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