Ashterothi Reacts to Summon the Swarm Patch - New video!

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Yeah, I’ve heard the new content isn’t very popular. People are complaining about the price of beacons, low rewards, and the limitation of doing 3 beacons per day. Now, I do know that there are plenty of people that are hungry for drone mutaplasmids, so I’m not sure why cap pilots consider them to have a low reward. Maybe the drop rate is too low? Dunno. What I do know, however, is that very few mutaplasmids are making it to the jita market, and what does get put up for sale is absurdly priced. Moreover, it didn’t take very long at all for CRAB beacon and beacon BPC prices to fall to crap levels.

I’ve made good money in the past by selling new items when they first came out. But this go round, it felt like a struggle to sell the stuff I made on the first day. In fact, I still have 55 runs worth of BPC’s left, and I’m not even going to make them. Let other people sell beacons and BPC’s for crap profit margins. I’d rather use my LP and market and industry slots for something else, and hope the sites get buffed at some point.

Speaking of which, I have not run the sites, so I can’t say for certain. But from what I have gathered, it seems like CCP might need to buff rewards (my personal preference is that they buff mutaplasmid drop rates) and/or raise the number of sites that can be run per day.

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