Summon the Swarm

Good day,

Brace yourselves to open the portal to a new form of capital PvE coming to New Eden! The CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon is a deployable that has been developed for use by Capsuleers to aid in the research of the increasing number of aggressive Rogue Drones appearing around the cluster.

You can read more about it in the news article or simply log in to the Singularity Test Server and check it out for yourself! Please bear in mind, that the feature is not final and there are still a few things left that our team is working on :slight_smile:




will that be the source of all these drone mutaplasmids that are on sisi since last week?

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Finally, something to use our shiny toys on!

Unless it’s isk printer, no one gonna feed capital. And if it’s isk printer. Big groups gonna take the effort to lock down system and krab.

There is no info yet. But considering #ccp_quality_codding I expect bugs like sitting on citadel while waiting for scan and other silly stuff that end up with typical. “Oh, we didn’t thought about it…”

But there is tiny, bit of chance for more destruction. And that’s always good for a game.


So what you’re saying is “There’s no possible way to use capitals for PVE” then?


That depends on if CCP can manage to stop the 1% of the 1% from killing the economy again (which lead to all the draconic punishment for the 99.9%) without making this feature useless due to lack of rewards. Do you have confidence in CCP that they will pull that off? I don’t, not after all their screw ups in the last 7 years.

I mean, they could not even release more information in this announcement beyond “wait for sisi soon”. They just teased it without any real substance. This does not inspire confidence.

Most importantly I would like to know if you can anchor this garbage on a grid where there is a structure or any kind.


Maybe read dev blog first? It explains quite well what risk you need to take. Poor bait…

Oh, I read it.

But what you’re seeming to say is that either it’ll be worth doing, and people will lock down a system, or it won’t be worth doing, and no-one will do it.

Yes. And?

As far as I know. “This new and amazing content” is not only capital PvE option. Even if you try to phrase it that way. Which is already prime example that if it won’t generate enough isk with reasonable amount of safety people won’t do it. Because they already don’t doing capital PvE for that reason. And dev blog points few key risk capital pilot must take. Being in space and being in space immobilized are good starting point. So either get to the point or stop. Because this feels like nothing more than some silly trolling attempt.

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From the devblog

but you can discover the feature yourself today on Singularity

They’re going to give out details soon, but everything is already there on sisi. (according to the devblog)

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Yes, this will be the source!


what about whs? is it possible to anchor it here?

Intrigue! Can’t wait to see how your QC/QA do on this one! :slight_smile:


I already see something else on SISI: Opportunities UI elements that you cannot remove from the HUD. Hopefully this is not final yet.


I dont know if CCP or the even more intelligent players are to blame. Anything worth doing, is worth doing en masse.

Opportunities are on TQ for at lest month or two.

I don’T see them in my hud on TQ but on Sisi they are among the many ui icons. fine with me if they are not showing for me on TQ.

What stops you from chain anchoring this beacon on an 1-DQ Keepstar grid, and print ISK? Letting players choose the position of the beacon for PvE is a stupid idea.


You appear to be able to rename the beacon after you’ve deployed it. Is this intended?